Profound Paragraph on The Constitutional Crisis

When we have an ineligible president, an unconstitutional monetary system, unconstitutional czars, unresponsive elected representatives, a thoroughly corrupt federal court system, undeclared wars in violation of the Constitution, an unconstitutional tax system, numerous federal agencies and departments that undertake roles far exceeding the limitations of the Constitution, serious and growing abridgement of specific constitutional rights originating from our Creator and guaranteed by the Constitution, unconstitutional infringement of the rights and prerogatives of the states on a massive scale, unconstitutional land grabs by an out-of-control federal government, outrageous abuses of governmental powers in a wide variety of areas (including the infamous TSA operation, the EPA, the IRS, the DHS, the ATF, the DEA, the CIA, the FBI, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service as examples), a socialist welfare scheme that is both unconstitutional and is bankrupting the country, no federal budget for three years running, a “First Lady” who desires to be addressed as “Your Excellency” and has a personal staff paid for by the taxpayers as large as some small agencies, an administration overrun with individuals committed by their Marxist political philosophy to the overthrow of the Constitution and the rule of law, a so-called “Congressional Research Service” which manufactures lies intended to deceive the American people, a Department of Justice that is so corrupt that it defies comprehension and acts as if it is above the law, a corrupt Congress whose members openly exploit their positions of trust for personal financial and political gain, a Supreme Court with members who brazenly defy the obligation of recuse in the face of outrageous conflicts of interest, a Speaker of the House who proclaims that a bill must be passed before we can find out what is in it, unconstitutional “government sponsored enterprises” (including FNMA and Freddie Mac) which have incurred huge losses arising from politically-motivated policies and which losses were borne by the taxpayers while virtually destroying large sectors of the national economy, the passage of a plainly unconstitutional health care bill which will almost certainly destroy what is left of the economic vitality of the nation and insure the descent of the nation into a fiscal abyss from which there can be no recovery, election fraud on a massive scale, and on and on – well we just don’t have much of a Constitution left, in my opinion.

The above opinion is that of David LaRocque, a Vietnam veteran. David served in the U.S. Navy as a naval aviator. He has a B.S degree in metallurgical engineering and an MBA degree in finance/accounting. He retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve with the rank of Commander USNR, and is also a retired Trans World Airlines captain with 32 years of service in both domestic and international flying. As a plaintiff in the Barnett case, he attended all three hearings in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Santa Ana, CA presided over by Judge David O. Carter.

In addition, LaRocque worked with several local colleagues on eligibility issues. He and two of his colleagues met on two occasions in the offices of their congressman, Rep. Brian Bilbray (Rep-CA 50) to discuss their concerns regarding Obama’s eligibility, once with Rep Bilbray himself. More recently, on June 9, 2011, they met with Mr. Steve Danon, Chief of Staff to Rep. Bilbray to discuss the issue of allegations of criminal acts committed by Obama in connection with the release of a fraudulent document purported to be an original long form Hawaiian birth certificate.

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  1. DABIGRAGU says:

    Hey these guys are good, they’ve nailed him.
    Ol Jere Brower looks to be in a fix now with all his lies, starts here:

  2. jacqlynsmith says:

    Could this be why the MITTENS won’t release his taxes…..Pass this forward ASAP….

    TomFlocco: ABCNews: FBI probing Bain Capital; ABC reports Romney & wife’s millions in Cayman Island offshore accounts

    Posted By: watcher51445
    Date: Tuesday, 17-Jan-2012 03:43:38
    ABCNews: FBI probing Bain Capital; ABC reports Romney & wife’s millions in Cayman Island offshore accounts

    FBI response to ABCNews Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request:
    About two weeks ago, the FBI evoked FOIA exemption 7(a) and denied access to all Bain Capital records on the grounds that “there is a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding relevant to these responsive records; and that release of the information contained in these responsive records could reasonably be expected to interfere with the enforcement proceedings.”

    Questions can be raised whether the FBI is required to release Bain files related to an open investigation. As the FBI response shows, the answer to that question is no. However, the response also shows that the FBI is required to acknowledge the probe’s existence. The only time the Bureau is allowed to claim a no records response is during an active investigation in which acknowledgment of responsive records would compromise it.

    Off shore bank accounts are tools to help lessen the tax burden US citizens face. Are off shore bank accounts a bad thing? They might be if you are worth $250 million dollars, running for president and trying to connect with the average American citizen.

    In 2008, the Los Angeles Times reported that Mitt Romney, as head of Bain Capital, utilized shell companies and two offshore tax havens in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands to help eligible investors avoid paying U.S. taxes. The tax-friendly jurisdictions helped attract billions of investment dollars to Bain Capital. Los Angeles Times reporter Bob Drogan spoke about this in 2008:
    BOB DROGIN: “A side light of that was Bain Capital, which today has assets of about $60 billion — that’s their — the number that they officially say — and about a third of that comes from these offshore operations that Romney set up when he was still there, in particular, companies that are set up — really, they’re just mail drops, they’re mailboxes; they don’t have any staff, they don’t have any operations. The one on Grand Cayman Island is a Post Office Box 60D, I think, on Grand Cayman Island, and the ones in Bermuda are also at a lawyer’s office. But they’ve got them in other places as well. And they bring in somewhere above $25 billion a year.”
    “And again, it’s — these are companies — these are operations set up through various systems. They’re blocker corporations. They are investment — or rather, equity groups that are set up to attract, for the large part, foreign capital. And the reason these are set up overseas is so that foreign investors in these private companies can avoid paying U.S. taxes. Mitt Romney and his colleagues don’t get that advantage. So it’s not like they’re avoiding taxes through this. It’s simply — what happens is, they’re helping other people avoid paying U.S. taxes, and as a result they make enormous profits.”

  3. floridafree says:

    Ron Paul will have to run as a independent there is NO WAY the Republicons are going to nominate him he buried himself in the debate last night his stand on the Islamic problem is not helping him one bit.

  4. jacqlynsmith says:

    Newter sounded like Hitler and MITTENS AND INsantorum sounded like flip-floppers for good reason…they are….both have voted for BIG GOVERNMENT legislation and NOW they can’t defend it so they call foul…..a bunch of whiners if you ask me and PERRY is just plain scary….wants to invade Iraq again and incite something with Turkey…what a bunch of IDIOTS….these war mongers are the death of our country…..people better wake up and support the only candidate who is for solving our problems through PEACE and bringing PROSPERITY back to our country….it is sad and disgusting to see and hear supposed Christians booing Dr. Paul for talking about bringing the “golden rule” back to our foreign policy…..America has lost her way and I for one am NO longer proud to say I’m from America…….we are really SICK as a nation and need to change our ways with a leader like the good doc…..LISTEN UP….this guy has it right and has made many videos in favor of electing Ron Paul……
    Ron Paul: GOP Scoffs At Golden Rule

  5. jacqlynsmith says:

    Reality Check: Candidates shredding each other, then endorsing…Does it ring hollow?

    Posted: Jan 17, 2012 7:46 PM PST

    By Ben Swann

    (FOX19) – Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman bargained on skipping Iowa and hoped to take New Hampshire in the race for the Republican nomination. He didn’t.

    As you know, the former Governor finished third in New Hampshire behind former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

    Monday, Huntsman ended his run and endorsed Governor Romney.

    To be clear, Governor Huntsman can endorse anyone he chooses. Also to be clear, he is actually a distant cousin of Romney and both share an L.D.S. Faith. It is therefore, really not a surprise that Huntsman would back Romney.

    But what somewhat bizarre, this strange dance we see during Presidential primaries.

    Candidates attack each other relentlessly and then upon dropping out, take a moment to throw their support behind the front-runner.

    This was Huntsman Monday:

    “Today I call on each campaign to cease attacking each other and instead talk directly to the American people about how our conservative ideas will create jobs,reduce our nation’s debt, stabilize energy prices and provide a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. ”

    Since this is Reality Check, lets deal with the reality of Huntsman’s campaign.

    In his endorsement of Romney, Huntsman said, that Romney is the candidate who can best defeat President Obama.

    But the night before the New Hampshire primary, he said Romney was making himself unelectable with comments like “I like to fire people”.

    On Wednesday, December 21s, Huntsman’s campaign blasted Governor Romney, saying that jobs lost at companies during his time at Bain capital, counter his claims of being a job creator.

    And then there was the “Sacred Mittless” ads in which Romney was mocked for not doing a single Sunday morning show since 2007.

    In fact, the ad mentions an incident we covered here in Reality Check when Governor Romney came to Terrace Park, a suburb of Cincinnati, just before the Issue 2 vote and wouldn’t take a stand either for or against it in public.

    “Scared Mittless” pushed the idea that Romney is afraid to answer questions about his record.

    Huntsman is also the one who famously called Romney a “perfectly lubricated weathervane”

    After South Carolina, we will likely see at least 2 more candidates drop out of the race.

    Once they do, they begin the process of forgetting all the harsh criticisms they had during the primary as if they never happened, and you probably guess why.

    Remember 2008, as then Senator Barack Obama becomes President, his chief rivals, Joe Biden becomes his vice president and Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State.

    Had John Edwards and Bill Richardson stayed out of trouble and scandal, they likely would have had appointments as well.

    Many thought Edwards would be tapped for Attorney General.

    It all goes back to the argument that, this is just politics.

    And then we wonder why so many people are disconnected from the two parties in this country.

    The idea that candidates will shred each other during the primaries and then excuse why they have done so as, “Well, they are still better than President Obama”. It just rings hollow.

    Many people believe that America is in a bad place right now. The people are looking for a champion, not someone who will treat this critical time in our nation’s history as nothing more than a political game.

    And that is Reality Check.

  6. jacqlynsmith says:

    From Rumor Mill News…..

    RON PAUL: Did you hear Rick Santorum defending his anti-Second Amendment record in last night’s debate?

    Posted By: watcher51445
    Date: Tuesday, 17-Jan-2012 18:54:36
    Dear Vina K.,

    Did you hear Rick Santorum defending his anti-Second Amendment record in last night’s debate?

    He proudly stated he supported – and worked to create – anti-gun legislation to avoid something worse coming along.

    Rick just doesn’t seem to get it.

    If our country is being driven to the edge at 80 miles an hour, you don’t slow down to 75 once you get control of the car.

    You slam on the brakes and turn around!

    Vina K., I’ve never been afraid to stand against EVERY gun grab, EVERY bailout, and EVERY attempt to undermine our national sovereignty.

    Although Rick Santorum tried to deflect attention by attacking my Second Amendment record, I’m proud of my hard work on behalf of gun owners.

    In fact, in 2011, I was given the “Defender of the Second Amendment Award” by Gun Owners of America. GOA’s Executive Director, Larry Pratt, described me as “a leader in the fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment.”


    I’ve introduced legislation to:
    *** Repeal the Brady Bill, which sets up virtually all the infrastructure the government needs to implement national gun registration;

    *** Repeal the so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, which banned an entire class of firearms based on little more than looking scary;

    *** End U.S. membership in the anti-gun United Nations to ensure American tax dollars are not used to fund global gun control schemes like the so-called “Small Arms Treaty”;

    *** Repeal the dangerous “Gun-Free School Zone Act,” which virtually guarantees that bloodthirsty criminals will face no opposition should they choose to go on a rampage.

    And I’m not just the only remaining candidate to answer the National Association for Gun Rights’ Presidential Survey 100% – I’m the only remaining candidate proud enough of my record to respond at all.

    As President, you have my word that I’ll lead the charge to repeal every single unconstitutional gun-grab currently on the books.

    Last night’s debate provided just the latest example of why my campaign achieved historic success in states as diverse as Iowa and New Hampshire and is now surging in South Carolina, while counterfeit conservatives like Rick Santorum struggle to find momentum.

    Voters don’t want Big Government invading their lives one step at a time.

    They don’t want someone who thinks you fight unconstitutional legislation by creating your own.

    They want a proven leader who will keep government off their backs, away from their wallets, and out of their everyday lives – period!

    They want a candidate who will:

    *** CUT $1 trillion in federal spending his first year in office;

    *** ELIMINATE five federal departments and return power to the states;

    *** BALANCE our out-of-control budget in only three years;

    *** FIGHT gun grabbers, Big Labor, and the reckless spenders at the Federal Reserve each time they try to ram through another powergrab;

    *** MAINTAIN a fighting force that is second-to-none while refusing to surrender our national sovereignty to carry out the UN’s decrees.

    I will lead on principle in the White House just like I’ve stood firm for liberty, limited government, and the Constitution in Congress.

    If you’re ready for a President who will reject any scheme that strips away more of your freedoms…

    If you’re sick and tired of the status quo and business-as-usual…

    And if you’re ready to take back your God-given rights…

    … then I ask for your support today to help me get my consistent conservative message out to the voters in South Carolina.

    I ask for your help to contact as many people as I can to let them know they don’t have to settle for a candidate who will have to spend the entire general election campaign apologizing for endorsing the same disastrous policies as Barack Obama.

    Many South Carolinians are just now making their final decision on who to support, and I want to make sure their last impression of my campaign is the truth – not the establishment media’s distortions.

    Please, donate whatever you are able right away to help me reach these voters today and secure another historic finish this weekend in South Carolina.

    For Liberty,

    Ron Paul

    P.S. Counterfeit conservatives like Rick Santorum may think you fight unconstitutional legislation by writing some of your own.

    I think you fight against Big Government by standing on principle – EVERY time.

    And judging by the reaction my campaign is receiving from voters all across the country – not to mention our incredible finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire and our surge in South Carolina – the American people are ready for a President who refuses to ever bow the knee to Big Government.

    Many South Carolinians are just now making their final decision on who to support for President. And I need your help to guarantee the last impression they get of my campaign is the truth – not the establishment media’s distortions.

    Please, if you are able, donate whatever you can right away to ensure my campaign can reach these voters in this final week before the South Carolina primary.

    Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

    This message was intended for: vkdurham

  7. jacqlynsmith says:

    Listen up folks….the ONE man defending our LIBERTY….he will be our last chance at real change….tell everyone you know to vote for him!

    NDAA Floor Speech Jan 18 2012

  8. GBAmerica says:

    Hey everyone,
    Just been busy but putting boots on the ground for Ron Paul.Just to let you know please google this!Perry,Santorum,Huntsman,and Gingrich DID NOT GET ON THE VIRGINIA BALLOT!Judge ruled on it!They are not electable!
    Also which we will not here from our media either…
    That link above please send out!They will not let the public know!

  9. GBAmerica says:

    Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor would make a good Secretary of Defense sounds like Ron Paul.

  10. GBAmerica says:

    Ron Paul’s Secretary of Defense Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor.flv

  11. GBAmerica says:

    Is the US empire too expensive?

  12. GBAmerica says:

    Former CIA bin Laden hunter Michael Scheuer explains why he endorsed Ron Paul and why he says Rep. Paul has the strongest stance on national defense.

  13. GBAmerica says:

    From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!

  14. jacqlynsmith says:

    Awesome students……

    Poll: Obama %48 – Paul %46, CNN Baffled, Asks College Students Why Ron Paul?

  15. jacqlynsmith says:

    Very Important video to spread far and wide…..

    Ron Paul’s Detractors Sink to New Lows in South Carolina

  16. GBAmerica says:

    Google please Bain Capital + Clear Channel
    What you will find out is Romney is Bain Capital which in turn owns Clear Channel.
    What is Clear Channel?Your radio shows=Hannity,Limbaugh,Levin and Glen Beck!
    Please start connecting the dots!Now do you understand why they are for Romney,which his father was born in Mexico!

    Romney’s Bain Capital Owns Media Giant Broadcasting Limbaugh, Hannity

    Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.)

  17. floridafree says:

    Ron Paul is the only one who cannot beat Obama at least that is what Donald Trump says he said it on the FAUX loud mouths program Greta Van ( I will do anything I can do to follow the FAUX mission to discredit Ron Paul) really now does the Donald really thinks anyone gives a crap about what he has to say? What I don’t get is why FAUX allows the good judge Napalitano to prop up the good dr.

  18. GBAmerica says:

    Mitt Romney the New World Order Tax Cheat Exposed

    I only watch the judge and it was good tonight!Juan Williams actually gave kudos to Ron Paul!That surprised me big time!

    Good to see you also!Hope everything is going well!You need to friend me on dailypaul!

    God Bless You all!

  19. jacqlynsmith says:

    Good Riddance, Newt? Ex-wife says she ends his career with one interview–Which she had with ABC and they are witholding

    Posted By: Watchman
    Date: Wednesday, 18-Jan-2012 21:06:06

    Wed Jan 18 2012 18:47:14 ET

    Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband’s career with a single interview.

    Earlier this week, she sat before ABCNEWS cameras, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

    She spoke to ABCNEWS reporter Brian Ross for two hours, and her explosive revelations are set to rock the trail.

    But now a “civil war” has erupted inside of the network, an insider claims, on exactly when the confession will air!


    ABCNEWS suits determined it would be “unethical” to run the Marianne Gingrich interview so close to the South Carolina Primary, a curious decision, one insider argued, since the network has aggressively been reporting on other candidates.

    A decision was tentatively made to air the interview next Monday, after all votes have been counted.

    Gingrich canceled a press conference on Wednesday to deal with the matter.

    “He believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected,” Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s wife of 18 years, explained to ESQUIRE last year.


    more at

  20. jacqlynsmith says:

    Ron Paul Will Win In The End

    Jay Weidner

    “All truth passes through three stages:
    First it is ridiculed;
    Second it is violently opposed;
    Third, it is accepted as self evident.”
    –Arthur Schopenhauer

  21. jacqlynsmith says:

    ***WARNING – SOME FOUL LANGUAGE*** If you still support Mitt after watching this, you should be stripped of your right to vote.

    Conservatives will not vote for this FRAUD. Anyone who thinks that the FRAUD that is Willard “Mitt” Romney is a Conservative, is ignorant. TEA Partiers who ever supported this FRAUD should be embarrassed by their support of him. You are not a TEA Partier if you vote for Mitt.

    Mitt should not be president. Ever. No matter how bad he wants to be.

    Ann Barnhardt is the gal in the video. She was the driving force behind the making of this video.

    Not Romney

  22. jacqlynsmith says:

    WSJ Economist: Ron Paul’s 0% Income Tax = Massive Insourcing of Jobs into America

  23. jacqlynsmith says:

    GB and FF…..good to see you both as well….FIX NEWS is a propaganda machine….I have noticed now that they and some others are just ignoring the Dr. again….very few interviews anymore and did NOT even mention that 4 State Senators now endorse the doc……this is a MORAL crime against our country…..the media is SO biased and unfair……I don’t know how the JUDGE keeps his job either and of course Stossel is for RP too! Jerry Doyle and Alex Jones are my two sources of truth right now…..Doyle just put this out…..very good…pass it FAR and WIDE……NEWTER is a BLOWHARD bullcrapper and could NEVER be trusted…..his ex is about to out him as well……WAKE UP AMERICA…..

    Jerry Doyle Exposes The REAL Newt Gingrich – He Co-Sponsored The Fairness Doctrine

  24. jacqlynsmith says:

    ‘Electors, Congress, not Georgia, hold responsibility for qualifications of candidates’

  25. jacqlynsmith says:

    January 18, 2012 – White Hats Report #34 The Bush Cabal – Nuking the Outhouse

    Date: Thursday, 19-Jan-2012 03:56:14

    Discernment Advised

    January 18, 2012 – White Hats Report #34
    The Bush Cabal – Nuking the Outhouse
    The White Hats and Ed Falcone have been in London all this week meeting daily with key parties interfacing with the House of Lords and UK Agencies. Multiple agendas are in play at
    the highest levels. The White Hats are using the U.K. arena to commence their work due to the total control that the Dark Cabal … Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and all of their minions …
    has in the United States including the American Main Stream Media. It is difficult to believe the Bushes have gone undetected for 50 years with a hidden agenda that is so deep they have compromised every American virtue.
    Look at some of the items we are working with:
    • Nominee accounts used by parties fronting for the CIA and Bush Senior /Josef Ackermann/ Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette, are being discussed and tracked. Using the integrity of the London Capital Markets to fund unauthorized Agency and
    Military activities, as well as to self-enrich key Political and Government employees, is also under review and being evidenced to appropriate authorities. This week and
    next, as exposure mounts, more will be presented and played out.
    • A vast multi Trillion dollar fraud involving a Central Intelligence Agency owned Foundation known to us all is also under formal investigation by the British authorities with the Attorney General being kept appraised. This Foundation is
    bypassing Congress, but benefitting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Homeland Security and private parties. A well-known Asian Fraudster, Wilfredo Saurin, has been allowed to gain a complicit, FRB NY supported role, protecting him
    from arrest as an Agent of these entities. Working in conjunction with FRB NY, Saurin and corrupt Bankers have been instrumental in assisting cross wired bogus asset backed SWIFTS, which have been used to generate MTN’s and to participate in substantial inter-bank trading. A complex arena of fraud is now being unravelled.
    The records are lodged with investigating authorities. The White Hats have copies of the governing documents and the chain of SWIFT sequences and the accounts
    • As part of this very deep investigation, Edward Falcone’s case has also been raised as a further example of the criminal complicity of banks, and the extent to which the
    Shadow Government operates with impunity. To start, the Banks involved and the Bank auditing firms will be officially put on notice to respond to their obvious negligence in enforcing international banking regulations and money laundering
    The money stolen from and owed to, Ed Falcone, would have been used to fund United States projects including Florida, the Gulf Coast region and Katrina victim support as well as city regeneration, jobs, taxes, recovery and dignity for Americans.
    Instead, Falcone’s money ended up with the Bush Cabal, U.S. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Biden, Michael Herzog, Paul Guenette, Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, his brother Don Nevin, and the CIA agents used
    to launder it across multiple banks for Bush Senior and Biden.
    The Cabal’s publicly unknown and unregulated extent of wealth generation, the extent of cross entanglement with the world drug cartels and trading, funding operations like
    Rendition torture centers and so many clandestine Wars.
    • When will Herzog, Guenette, Dewhurst and Nevin be arrested to start the process of Law? One morning they will all wake up to find a worldwide media firestorm has been unleashed and they are all named and shamed. It is an abhorrent betrayal of
    an American citizen and humanitarian projects lost to thieves.
    The White Hats and UK agencies have been allowed unfettered access to review the enormous depth of support documentation behind the Falcone case. London, Frankfurt, Germany and
    other EU based Traders are all cross linked and identified. Banks, trades, monthly profits and returns are all on record. There are criminal cases for Wire Fraud, domestic and international bank fraud, Securities Fraud and RICO for institutions and individuals. Volume after volume has been documented and evidenced. Herzog has threatened to take down Bush when he is exposed and there is enough evidence to directly incriminate both Herzog, Guenette, Dewhurst and Nevin many times over. Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany and Fed records are all held including the Isle of Man Banks used to hide profits and all other illicit activities.
    Equally exposed on record are the named Nominees they tried to hide their profits behind, including amounts, the Traders used, along with all account information.
    One day Herzog, Guenette, Dewhurst and Nevins… That knock on the door is coming. Never thought you’d be reading this, did you? Your arrogance is voluminous.
    • Bank accounts are on record with Bush Senior and son, Jeb Bush, are counter linked as signatories. This will hugely impact on poor Jeb’s political aspirations even though he may not have been involved in the original heist. Those co-signed
    accounts exist and are also part of the Falcone evidence files.
    • Obama has been busy accepting funds from numerous sources and are held in his very own offshore bank accounts. This information is held by Falcone’s attorneys and the White Hats and will be further exposed as he attempts re-election. Do you
    not think we are going to use those to let the American public know about your dirt?
    Obama, do you not think we are going to let the America public know about your dirty, corruption self?
    • Why have Bill Bonney and Argo Trust still not been settled? Trillions of dollars for American Projects, jobs and the elimination of the US national debt.
    Again Herzog threatened he would expose Bush Senior if he’s made to pay back what
    Arrest Dewhurst and Nevin and impeach Biden. Let the White Hats expose the criminalactivities of Mitt Romney! How can Mitt run for President when he is responsible for
    hundreds of offshore bank accounts that have skirted U.S tax laws. Americans have no idea that the Shadow Government and the Military Industrial complex takes not only 55% of all known accrued Tax income, but works in conjunction with the co-owned Cabal Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which maintains a vast
    unauthorized Ponzi pyramid Cash machine hidden from Congress, that engages in so many clandestine activities often beyond the rule of law or ethics. Our inner cities decay and collapse as crime and drugs thrive. This money feeds the Cabal, not our
    own people. Multi Trillions are squandered annually paying for this Second Tier Government, unelected and uncontrolled, answering only to Agency Shadow bosses like Bush Sr. and Senator Jay Rockefeller, etc.
    Again, Wilfredo Saurin, a well-known Filipino crook, acting for, protected by and in complicit conspiracy with an Agency controlled Foundation, FRB NY and JP Morgan Chase, has implemented the release of bogus and fraudulent SWIFTS, which have been used in a trading sequence, with no Congressional knowledge, or authorization, to cause the issuance of $15 Trillion dollars’ worth of MTN’s. The MTN’s are not only re-credit lined, but capital used to reverse MTN and Euro overnight spot trades via London and other EU banks. Hand in glove with the crooks. This fraud inquiry is now under way.
    The White Hats have access to the morally good and highly connected associates both in place and in play, right now each day, willing to help recover a good part of that money
    FOR YOU! , the world and for the benefit of America. We need accessible courageous US Congressmen. As we reported previously, there is a solution to regenerate American
    economy, American Jobs and American Wealth. Release the money to refund the Global Settlements and save the world.
    However, we have Romney being prepared for office, a dubious man who stole Ed Falcone’s funds and pocketed a Billion for himself. We also have an illegal President with no Birth Certificate, hands in the pockets of Wall Street, with some very dangerous Islamic and communistic advisors and America’s own fanatical version of Dr. Strangelove, conspiring and planning to get Jeb Bush elected as the next Vice President,
    or possibly President, once the pending writs are served on Romney.
    It looks like Romney may also face real IRS investigation soon on his false Tax Returns. We must ask the IRS, what about Romney’s offshore accounts with money he earned from the
    theft of the Falcone funds? Is your Boss Geithner not letting you investigate the corruption?
    The Agency Foundation and Obama tried desperately to get the $15T back from London but the banks won’t release it. Britain and America need to work together on this. Wake up Congress! Those funds can be recovered in a deal with the UK! If you do not have the ability to step to the plate the White Hats do! Let us get the deal done.
    Both the UK and America has been so badly served. America has simply become far too crooked for Justice to be accomplished here. America’s future and fate may well be playing
    out as these treasonous parties are exposed by Old Empires, whose own authorities are now availing themselves of the sordid facts. All records being presented live and directly to
    Agency heads who are currently evaluating the hard-to-swallow evidence now placed before them. When you can’t get Justice at home, sometimes you have to get it another way.
    Again, at this very moment, all the facts, supporting evidence and brutal yet sordid truth, is being exposed naming and shaming those responsible for the deplorable and duplicitous
    conduct of our Leaders and Global Banker cohorts, including Ackermann of Deutsch and the full Commerzbank Traders and other connections.
    It took many years to bring down Capone, and the Teflon Don. Focused dedication got them in the end. The spirit of Elliot Ness lives on. Because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not
    happening. All the evidence and facts are right now under appraisal by Foreign Enforcement Agencies who, in consultation with others, will select the route and time to unleash justice and retribution. We will not compromise sensitive incriminating evidence needed in court by pre publishing. Just know, we have it, it’s all there and it’s all playing out.
    We will be in touch. Remember to keep a close eye and ear on the inner sanctums of GreatBritain as the exposure is delivered to that great Sovereign body.

  26. jacqlynsmith says:


    Obama, Rothschild Choice
    at 08:08 Posted by Vatic Master

  27. jacqlynsmith says:

    And then there were 4…..Rick Perry to suspend his campaign….LOL…and then support the NEWTER…..what a joke!

  28. jacqlynsmith says:

    More dirt on the NEWT that some might not remember…..send this viral…..

    Newt Gingrich, Marianne and the Arms Dealer:
    A Buried FBI Investigation

    “DCBureau has learned that Gingrich was at the center of a U.S. Justice Department criminal investigation in the late 1990s for a scheme to shake down the arms dealer for a $10 million bribe in exchange for Gingrich using his influence as Speaker to get the Iraq arms embargo lifted so Soghanalian could collect $54 million from Saddam Hussein’s regime for weapons he had delivered during the Iran-Iraq War.

  29. jacqlynsmith says:

    From the Daily Paul..

    Piss On ABC: Here’s Wife #2 On Why Newt Is Unfit For Prez. Lengthy Esquire Interview…

    After reading this fascinating interview with Marianne Gingrich I would like to believe it is some combination of patriotism, conscience, and genuine solicitude for her country’s and her ex-husband’s welfare that has prompted her to agree to be interviewed by ABC on the eve of the South Carolina Republican primary, and that she will reveal much of what she told Esquire about the Newt who ultimately even she realized she never really knew during her marriage. Already many suspect the second Mrs. Gingrich has been approached by one of the other campaigns to betray her husband. This remains to be seen. If the ABC piece, despite the five-alarm banner on Drudge, is a puff piece or edited way down to minimize the damage that could be done to Newt’s candidacy as shown in her frank and telling interview with Esquire, then I will suspect a rat, none other than Newton Gingrich himself. But this is all speculation.

    What is not speculation is what she told Esquire about the man. The man is unknowable, unprincipled, and unstable. Newt has no core. His identity is a patchwork of biographies of famous men. From a young age this undeniably brilliant young Newt feverishly sought to learn the levers of politics as a way to wealth, prestige, and power. But above all, he wants to force a revolution in the affairs of men whether the world needs changing or not (it does need changing but not forcibly). He sees himself as a world conqueror, an Alexander, a Napoleon. Citizen Newt burns to become world-historical Newt. There is not one ounce of conservatism in Mr. Former Speaker. If circumstances, if the times called for it, Newt could as easily become Che as he could become Frederick The Great, adapt the political persona of Leon Trotsky as conveniently as that of Barack Hussein Obama whom he expertly feigns to revile. The man is a dangerous revolutionary on the way to becoming the world’s most accomplished and frightful statist. This man will plunge us into world war as casually as he changes wives. Beware.

    Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican

  30. jacqlynsmith says:

    (ON THE POLITICS BLOG: Why Marianne Gingrich Finally Spoke Out)

    Read more:

    Quote from Marianne…

    “He thinks of himself as president, you tell her. He wants to run for president.

    She gives a jaundiced look. “There’s no way,” she says. She thinks he made a choice long ago between doing the right thing and getting rich, and when you make those choices, you foreclose other ones. “He could have been president. But when you try and change your history too much, and try and recolor it because you don’t like the way it was or you want it to be different to prove something new … you lose touch with who you really are. You lose your way.”

    Read more:

  31. floridafree says:

    It is quite obvious what is going on the RepubliCON communist comittee are more than likely behind closed doors speaking with ALL of the republican candidates and telling them to “put on a show” only to have them all to eventually pull out until they get their golden boy (Mittens) nominated. They will do ANYTHING to make sure that RON PAUL does NOT get the nomination.
    Every day it is looking more and more like it is going to backfire on them (I hope).

    Tonights debate is going to be crucial to the Ron Paul movement if they can get enough of the fake Booing going they will force Ron Paul to run as a independent which I do not think he will do. Ron Pauls stand on “we brought these wars on because we invaded other countries” will not go over well in South Carolina. Ron Paul is dead on with what he is staying but the majority of the American Public are too stupid to admit he is right they are too busy listening to the Lame Stream Media and the FAUXES of this world.

  32. GBAmerica says:

    Where is our Main stream Media!??????????Spread this far and wide!
    Four South Carolina Senators Endorse Ron Paul for President 2012

  33. jacqlynsmith says:

    The media doesn’t report the truth….if AMERICANS continue to sleep through this election cycle it will be the end of the REPUBLIC as we know it! Dr. Paul is a great AMERICAN hero and so humble….I am really tired of the arrogance!

  34. jacqlynsmith says:

    The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

    Posted By: watcher51445
    Date: Thursday, 19-Jan-2012 16:10:33

    “Although it is not apparent on his financial disclosure form, Mitt Romney has millions of dollars of his personal wealth in investment funds set up in the Cayman Islands, a notorious Caribbean tax haven.”
    “His personal finances are a poster child of what’s wrong with the American tax system,” said Jack Blum, a Washington lawyer who is an authority on tax enforcement and offshore banking.”
    “On Tuesday, Romney disclosed that he has been paying a far lower percentage in taxes than most Americans, around 15 percent of his annual earnings. It has been Romney’s Republican rivals who have driven the tax issue onto center stage. For weeks, Romney has cited a desire for privacy as his reason for not sharing his tax returns — a gesture of transparency that is now expected from presidential contenders.”
    “But tax experts tell ABC News there are other reasons Romney may not want the public viewing his returns. As one of the wealthiest candidates to run for president in recent times, Romney has used a variety of techniques to help minimize the taxes on his estimated $250 million fortune. In addition to paying the lower tax rate on his investment income, Romney has as much as $8 million invested in at least 12 funds listed on a Cayman Islands registry. Another investment, which Romney reports as being worth between $5 million and $25 million, shows up on securities records as having been domiciled in the Caymans”
    “Official documents reviewed by ABC News show that Bain Capital, the private equity partnership Romney once ran, has set up some 138 secretive offshore funds in the Caymans.”

  35. jacqlynsmith says:

    Date: Thursday, 19-Jan-2012 18:28:54
    Who’da thunk: Bias in new vote-counting system?
    Obama donor’s company funds controversial election firm

    by Aaron Klein

    A top director at a venture-capital firm that finances a controversial new online voting system donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and also contributed the maximum allowable amount to Obama’s inauguration, WND has learned.

    The foreign-headquartered company, SCYTL, previously faced questions about the security of its electronic voting technologies, which are now set to be deployed in 900 U.S. jurisdictions.

    The firm already provides balloting for overseas U.S. military and civilian voting in nine states along with elections technologies in several districts.

    Concerns have also been raised about SCYTL’s ties to the Spanish government and to international venture capital firms.

    The Drudge Report yesterday ran a feature titled “Foreign company buys U.S. election results reporting firm.” The article documented that SCYTL, based in Barcelona, acquired 100 percent of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States.

    The press release announcing the acquisition noted that SCYTL is a portfolio company of leading international venture capital funds Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker.

    Spinnaker Capital manages $5 billion in two funds specializing in emerging markets investments.

    A top Spinnaker director, Bob McCarthy, is a prominent supporter of Obama.

    In 2008, McCarthy made two contributions to Obama’s presidential campaign, for $1,740 and $2,500 respectively.

    He donated the maximum, $25,000 to Obama’s inauguration fund.

    McCarthy contributed to the campaigns of other Democrats.

    In 2010, he gave a $2,400 donation to New York politician Charlie Melancon, who lost his congressional seat during the most recent midterm elections. In 2009, McCarthy contributed $2,400 to the campaign of U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

    In February 2010, McCarthy reportedly rubbed shoulders with Democrat senators at a “high-class” party in Miami Beach.

    McCarthy was invited to the “Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Winter Retreat” in Miami Beach in January 2010 at the Ritz Carlton South Beach Resort. Attendants were reportedly told that the “dress for the weekend is casual.”

    The Democratic senators slated for the weekend event were Robert Menendez, Debbie Stabenow, Tom Carper, Frank Lautenberg, Benjamin L. Cardin, Robert P. Casey, Claire McCaskill, Amy Klobuchar, Kay Hogan and Mark Begich. Independent Bernie Sanders also was invited.

    National security concerns

    With the purchase of SOE Software, meanwhile, SCYTL has increased its involvement in the U.S. elections process. SOE Software boasts a strong U.S. presence, providing results in over 900 jurisdictions.

    In 2009, SCYTL formally registered with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (AEC) as the first Internet voting manufacturer in the U.S. under the EAC Voting System Testing and Certification Program.

    Also that year, SCYTL entered into an agreement with another firm, Hart InterCivic, to jointly market a flexible and secure electronic pollbook purportedly to allow U.S. election officials and poll workers to easily manage the electoral roll on Election Day in an efficient and convenient manner.

    SCYTL’s ePollBookTM already replaced the paper precinct roster in Washington, D.C.

    During the midterm elections in November 2010, SCYTL successfully carried out electoral modernization projects in 14 states. The company boasted that a “great variety” of SCYTL’s technologies were involved in the projects, including an online platform for the delivery of blank ballots to overseas voters, an Internet voting platform and e-pollbook software to manage the electoral roll at the polling stations.

    The states that used SCYTL’s technologies during the Midterms were New York, Texas, Washington, California, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia and Washington D.C.

    Just prior to the midterm’s however, the new electronic voting system in Washington, D.C., was hacked.


  36. jacqlynsmith says:

    This needs to go viral folks….this is really disgusting…..I believe Dr. Paul is being robbed again…..I DEMAND A REVOTE AND A RECOUNT!!!

    Ron Paul Robbed-Cesspool of Fraud Iowa Caucus

  37. jacqlynsmith says:

    Newt Commits Felony in CNN Interview?
    Submitted by David40 on Thu, 01/19/2012 – 18:54
    Ron Paul 2012

    What an Idiot!!!

    The day after Palin’s endorsment, in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Gingrich “promised” to give Palin a presidential appointment.

    CNN Press Room

    …I was honored and delighted last night when she said if she were in South Carolina, she’d vote for Newt Gingrich….

    …I would ask her to consider taking a major role in the next administration if I’m president…

    “Clearly Gingrich is sending the message to all the other top-level GOP celebrities, that no matter how unqualified you are, that if you are willing to help him win the South Carolina primary, you too will be rewarded with a presidential appointment.”

    Way to go Newt!

    TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 29 > § 599
    § 599. Promise of appointment by candidate

    Whoever, being a candidate, directly or indirectly promises or pledges the appointment, or the use of his influence or support for the appointment of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

  38. jacqlynsmith says:

    The “Newts” Fact-Sheet…Required reading..Needs to go Viral.
    Submitted by cheesey on Wed, 12/07/2011 – 14:47
    Daily Paul Liberty Forum


    10/22/1991 – Voted for an amendment that would create a National Police Corps.
    03/-/1993 – Voted for sending $1.6 Billion in foreign aid to Russia.
    11/19/1993 – Voted for the NAFTA Implementation Act.
    11/27/1994 – Supported the GATT Treaty giving sovereignty to the U.N.
    08/27/1995 – Suggested that drug smuggling should carry a death sentence.
    04/25/1996 – Voted for the single largest increase on Federal education spending ($3.5 Billion)
    04/10/1995 – Supported Federal tax-dollars being spent on abortions.
    06/01/1996 – Helped a Democrat switch parties in an attempt to defeat constitutionalist Ron Paul in 1996 election.
    09/25/1996 – Introduced H.R. 4170, demanded life-sentence or execution for someone bringing 2 ounces of marijuana across the border.
    01/22/1997 – Congress gave him a record-setting $300,000 fine for ethical wrongdoing.
    11/29/2006 – Stated that free speech should be curtailed in order to fight terrorism. Called for a “serious debate about the 1st Amendment.”
    02/15/2007 – Supported Bush’s proposal for mandatory carbon caps.
    09/28/2008 – Stated if he were in office, he would have reluctantly voted for the $700B TARP bailout.
    10/01/2008 – Stated in an article that TARP was a “workout, not a bailout.”
    12/08/2008 – Paid $300,000 by Freddie Mac to halt Congress from bringing necessary reform.
    03/31/2009 – States we should have Singapore-style drug tests for Americans.
    07/30/2010 – States that Iraq was just step one in defeating the “Axis of Evil”.
    08/03/2010 – Advocates attacks on Iran & North Korea.
    11/15/2010 – Defended Romney-care
    12/05/2010 – Stated that a website owner should be considered an enemy combatant, hunted down and executed, for publishing leaked government memos.
    01/30/2011 – Lobbied for ethanol subsidies.
    01/30/2011 – Suggested that flex-fuel vehicles be mandated for Americans.
    02/13/2011 – Criticized Obama for sending less U.S. tax dollars to Egypt.
    02/15/2011 – Wrote book saying he believes man-made climate-change and advocated creating “a new endowment for conservation and the environment.”
    03/09/2011 – Blames his infidelity to multiple wives on his passion for the country.
    03/15/2011 – Stated that NAFTA worked because it created jobs in Mexico.
    03/19/2011 – Shows no regrets about supporting Medicare drug coverage. (Now $7.2T unfunded liability)
    03/23/2011 – Completely flip-flopped on Libyan intervention in 16 days.
    03/25/2011 – Plans to sign as many as 200 executive orders on his first day as president.
    04/25/2011 – Became paid lobbyist for Federal ethanol subsidies.
    05/12/2011 – More supportive of individual health-care mandates than Mitt Romney.
    06/09/2011 – Campaign staff resigned en mass.
    07/15/2011 – Poorly managed campaign is over $1 Million in debt.
    08/01/2011 – Hired a company to create fake Twitter accounts to make fake followers.
    10/07/2011 – Stated he’d ignore the Supreme Court and bypass the constitution and congress.

    As posted by “The GreatGazoo” on Business Insider.

  39. jacqlynsmith says:

    Here’s a bombshell….WOW…

    Gays ‘Vilify’ Rick Santorum, Wife Karen Dated Abortion Doctor

  40. DABIGRAGU says:

    According to FR, it’s the Ron Paul supporters who are shifty:

  41. jacqlynsmith says:

    I’m sure this doesn’t surprise anyone…..Hitler can’t be denied….that’s who the NEWTER reminds me of…..

    ABC News: Gingrich not correct about sources
    By Erik Wemple

    Newt Gingrich, in a photo that does NOT portray his feelings about the media. (NICHOLAS KAMM – AFP/GETTY IMAGES) Newt Gingrich’s most potent slam against the media in last night’s CNN debate alleged a certain cognitive dissonance. The speaker was on fire about an ABC report giving air to claims by ex-wife Marianne Gingrich that the former speaker had requested an “open marriage.” He said:

    “This story is false. Every personal friend I had in that period says the story was false. We offered several of them to ABC to prove it was false. They weren’t interested because they would like to attack any Republican. They’re attacking the governor, they’re attacking me, I’m sure they’ll get around to Senator Santorum, and Congressman Paul. I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans.”
    ABC denies that. Says ABC Senior Vice President Jeffrey W. Schneider via electronic mail:

    “That’s just not true. His daughters were in our story last night and we sought interviews with Gingrich or surrogates very aggressively starting Tuesday morning. Would have been happy to interview anyone they put forward.”
    What great symmetry we have here. Gingrich is engaged in a he-said, she-said spat with his ex-wife and a broadcast network.

  42. jacqlynsmith says:

    NO wonder that the former Governor’s wife won’t be voting for a scum like NEWTard….character and morals are of question……way to do JENNY!

    Jenny Sanford: I won’t vote for Newt Gingrich

    Jenny Stanford lived through her own scandal in 2009. | AP Photo

    By MACKENZIE WEINGER | 1/19/12 6:20 PM EST Updated: 1/20/12 8:57 AM EST

    Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s ex-wife Jenny Sanford said Thursday that Marianne Gingrich’s claim her then-husband Newt asked for an open marriage calls “into question his character” and will have an impact on Saturday’s primary.

    Sanford, whose husband cheated on her, said that after hearing Marianne’s bombshell, she won’t vote for the ex-House speaker on Saturday and added that his infidelity will count politically in South Carolina even though voters were already aware of his marital issues.
    “I think it will have an impact for some people,” Sanford said on “Hardball.” “I don’t know how much of an impact because people for the most part already knew that Gingrich, you know, was on his third wife. But I think that actually seeing one of his wives speak about him in an unflattering manner has got have an impact in some respect.”

    She lived through her own scandal in 2009, when Gov. Sanford told the press he had been hiking the Appalachian Trail but had actually been in Argentina with his mistress.

    Jenny Sanford said Gingrich would not be getting her vote.

    “It does call into question his character certainly on the personal side, and as a voter, I encourage people to look at both sides. The personal side and if you’re going to overcome somebody’s moral failings or infidelities, you also have to look at where they stand ideologically and how much does their rhetoric match their reality. In my mind, Gingrich falls short on both fronts, so he wouldn’t get my vote,” she said.

    In an interview with ABC’s “Nightline” set to air Thursday evening, Marianne Gingrich said Newt asked her for an open marriage.

    “I said to him, ‘Newt, we’ve been married a long time,’ and he said, ‘Yes, but you want me all to yourself. Callista doesn’t care what I do,’” Gingrich said.

    “He was asking to have an open marriage, and I refused,” she added.

    Read more:

  43. jacqlynsmith says:

    The truth is he’s not so popular after all…..LOL…

    Gingrich cancels campaign event, poor attendance

  44. jacqlynsmith says:

    This can not come soon enough….

    Breaking: Georgia Judge Denies Obama’s Motion to Quash Subpoenas


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