Arrest Obama, aka Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, AKA HARRISON J. BOUNEL NOW!

An Obama supporter who is a collections agent stumbled upon Michell Obama’s name and one click after another leads to Harrison J Bounel using the same SS number as the pRESIDENT 042-68-4425, 6 different property id numbers for 5046 S Greenwood home that two other people are listed as owners. Real Estate fraud, 58 different address’s across the country and more.

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53 Responses to Arrest Obama, aka Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, AKA HARRISON J. BOUNEL NOW!

  1. gregnh says:

    Hat tip Suey!!!!

  2. SueK says:

    Welcome, Greg!

    Let’s hope this thing has legs; if it does, this is the smoking gun we’ve been looking for🙂.

  3. jacqlynsmith says:

    Hi Sue…..welcome on to Greg’s site…..haven’t seen you in these parts for a while…..this story will most certainly grow legs…..I have been posting it everywhere…..I just hope this guy has some good protection!

  4. gregnh says:

    I sent it to DRUDGE too.

  5. GBAmerica says:

    HI SueK!!!!!Glad to see you here!!!I hope something comes of this!

  6. themadjewess says:

    Howdy all.
    IMPEACH the impossible SOB America hating, Christian hating, Israel hating SLIME!

  7. themadjewess says:

    GREAT tags!
    He IS the anti-Christ!

  8. themadjewess says:

    I just watched “Extreme Makeover”- it was for a miracle home.
    You are right, there is still Christian goodness.

  9. Katie says:

    Just found this on CW’s ~

    GORDO | May 22, 2011 at 8:27 am |

    “Is this Harrison Bounel name Related or Connected to the Michele Robinson Family Tree?”

  10. jacqlynsmith says:

    OT….but pass it on please….

    POSSIBLE PRESIDENT: Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will hold a press conference Monday to discuss his Iowa campaign

    8:48 p.m. CDT, May 21, 2011

    Ron Paul will announce his first Iowa legislative endorsement in a press conference Monday.

    Ten days after announcing that he’s in the race, Ron Paul announced that he will hold a press conference Monday at 1:30 at his Iowa campaign headquarters to announce his first Iowa legislative endorsement.

    During the conference Paul will also introduce several District and County Chairs to his campaign.,0,1583300.story?track=rss

  11. DABIGRAGU says:

    “To simplify, let me start this story at the end. Ultimately, the fact that Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Chicago newspapers, judges, and others have been complicit proves they know that Mr. Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States of America. This is not a “birther” argument based upon where he was born. The merits of the case against Obama’s eligibility are founded on four separate Supreme Court decisions and Senate Resolution 511 on John McCain’s “Natural Born Citizen” status (cosponsored by Obama himself).”

  12. DABIGRAGU says:

    NancyDrew says:
    May 22, 2011 at 10:04 pm
    Thanks for the head-up Nancy.

  13. NancyDrew says:

    This pretty well sums up the fraud:

    Hillary had already been selected for the job, and was told that she would be the next President of the U.S. during one of the secret meetings where American presidents are tapped on the shoulder: the World Economic Forum she attended in early 1998 in Davos, Switzerland, where she was cheered by the globalist conspirators as a world leader. However, for reasons we can only guess, eventually they changed their minds and decided that she was not the right person for the job and selected Obama.

    Probably one of the reasons that tipped the balance in Obama’s favor was that he was not born in America, and he profoundly hated everything American, particularly its Constitution and culture. Actually, this was not the first time the globalist conspirators made decisions based on that consideration.

    Adolf Hitler, who eventually destroyed Germany, was not born in Germany, but in Austria. Fidel Castro, another of their creations, was born in the eastern province of Oriente, and it was known that he hated Havana.

    Barack Hussein Obama was perfect for the job. In the first place, he was a pot-smoking nonentity lacking in principles and ethics, not very clever and with an immense ego and ambition. As an added bonus, he exhibited the traits of the psychopathic behavior, a requisite for that type of job. Consequently, the CFR conspirators contacted the CIA, an organization they control, and ordered their secret agents in the Agency to create for their new recruit what in intelligence and espionage is called a “legend.”[1]

    Therefore, like the British intelligence in WWII, CFR agents at the CIA proceeded to create a man that never was in order to sell it to the self-righteous, naive and gullible American public. To this effect, they falsified Barry Soetoro’s documents, including his birth certificate, social security card, school and university records, and places of residence. Of course, things like high school and college records are very difficult to falsify, because eventually somebody is going to check them against the original documents. Consequently, they froze Obama’s records to keep them out of the hands of researchers.

    However, they cannot modify student yearbooks, because there are hundreds of copies in libraries and private hands. Barack Hussein Obama does not appear in any of the yearbooks of the learning institutions of which he claims to have graduated, nor do any former classmate seems to remember him.

    These are excerpts, read the whole thing here:

  14. jacqlynsmith says:

    Corsi continues to uncover evidence of this huge cover up…..his latest info given on the Alex Jones show……SHOCKING is an understatement…..

    Corsi: Trump Conspired With Obama To Neutralize Birther Controversy

    Paul Joseph Watson

    May 23, 2011

    As he prepares to release shocking new evidence and name the people who he claims were behind the forgery of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate, author Jerome Corsi sensationally accused short-lived Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of “working with Obama” to neutralize the birther controversy.

    Appearing on the Alex Jones Show, Corsi said that he now completely discounted the apparent efforts of Donald Trump to force the release of Obama’s birth certificate, stating, “I’m completely convinced at this point Donald Trump was subterfuge, that he…. was working with Obama.”

    Continues here…..

  15. NancyDrew says:

    I read that earlier, Jacqlyn. It does make sense, doesn’t it? I cannot describe how that makes me feel about Trump, if true. I should have known he was probably out for himself……..

  16. Cherrielane says:

    jacqlynsmith says:
    May 23, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Corsi: Trump Conspired With Obama To Neutralize Birther Controversy
    And IF true, just think of the data-base of concerned citizens they have acquired from the website he put up.

  17. DABIGRAGU says:

    William Cooper has always called Alex a CIA-spook. I’d be careful trusting 100% of Alex’s info.

  18. ticktock says:

    Um, I’m not so sure about the Corsi’s theory on Trump. Trump was saying things like ‘the country’s gone to hell’, and ‘this administration’s a disaster’. Which are true statements. I can understand Corsi’s ‘non-trust’ of ppl…but I think he’s jumping to some wild conclusions on this. I’m NOT saying Trump’s motives were pure. I really don’t know Trump at all. And I think Corsi’s probably closer to anyone about the truth about Obama, BUT, I think this accusation of Trump just makes Corsi look like he’s still chewin’ on sour grapes that this happened right before the book came out. If anything, Trump drew more attention to it than ever, and if it was a grand conspiracy against the ‘birthers’ it was an epic failure!

    Do you know anyone besides the media that even believes the BC is real? More libs than ever that even voted for him are now admitting that they regret their vote and don’t trust him. If anything, Trump help hammer in more nails.

  19. Ann says:

    According to Pastor Manning and the White House Insider, Trump was threatened and told to SHUT UP. Pastor Manning said he as contacted by the IRS and was told they wanted to see his “books” for the last 25 years. How he knows that, I have no clue but that was recorded on May 18. The WH Insider just said he was “threatened” but had no other details. Let’s face it, if his family was threatened, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. The thugs in the WH think they’re above the law so it sounds exactly like something they would do.

  20. Ann says:

    And to DABIGRAGU, I agree about AJ. I don’t trust him.

  21. jacqlynsmith says:

    I didn’t used to like AJ but the more I listen to his show the more I believe he is on our side….he has had too many people on there that want to nail this administration and it’s goal to take America down. He is also a big supporter of Ron Paul and wants the FR audited and the IRS to go away…..I don’t believe he has these people on his shows to set them up!

    FYI….just heard the Prime Minister of Palastien was in Texas to attended his son’s graduation…..WTH…..why don’t these people go to school in their own countries!!! Guess he had a heart attack while here and is in the hospital! I am concerned about the Muslims moving in here and taking over….they already have done it in Europe!

  22. jacqlynsmith says:

    Ann says:
    May 23, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    According to Pastor Manning and the White House Insider, Trump was threatened and told to SHUT UP. Pastor Manning said he as contacted by the IRS and was told they wanted to see his “books” for the last 25 years. How he knows that, I have no clue but that was recorded on May 18. The WH Insider just said he was “threatened” but had no other details. Let’s face it, if his family was threatened, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. The thugs in the WH think they’re above the law so it sounds exactly like something they would do.

    This I believe Ann….that is how they work! Wasn’t it peculiar too that Trump sat at that dinner affair of comedy and just took all the knocks against him…..UMMMM…he never did come out swinging about that stuff! He was definitely threatened and bought off IMO!

  23. ticktock says:

    I agree with Ann and about Trump and Jackie regarding AJ. I don’t agree with AJ 100%, but I’ve come to appreciate him with a willing ear more and more as the days go by. He addresses things that the rest of the media REFUSES. I knew the msm poured on the TSA thing really strong because they know Americans have a short attention span. I know their games. They did it to tire us of the subject so we’d move on. AJ is relentless…he doesn’t let up..he keeps up the fight. I really appreciate it.

    As far as Trump. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was threatened. And I’ve no doubt the IRS did threaten him. Those are Obama tactics. Actually, those tactics have been used by every administration for years. But I can’t see that as being the reason why Trump stopped. He was thinking about running for President and openly stated he was fine with his books being opened up, that he had nothing to hide. So I dunno. I’m not sure we know the reason he has shut up yet. I still think there’s something to him possibly working with someone INSIDE the WH who’s fed up with Zero…thus forcing Zero’s hand with a forgery. IOW, mission accomplished, back to Apprentice and managing Casinos.

    It’s all very strange indeed!

  24. DABIGRAGU says:

    I do scan AJ he has done well waking up the average joe, similar to Beck. It’s always in the back of my mind though. William Cooper…
    Here he is in case you’ve never heard him.
    *Note* William Cooper was EL-iminated by the Order in 2001 he was gunned down by government agents outside his home in Eager Arizona.**
    The Legendary William “Bill” Cooper exposes the scaremonger Jesuit-CIA Alex Jones in his 1999 radio broadcast. He slams Alex Jones for whipping up unnecessary hysteria. He says that this discredits patriots and may even give an excuse for government crackdown and armies in the streets.

    William Cooper was the one who uncovered the 9/11 plot a few months before Alex Jones.

  25. SueK says:

    Hi All, and thanks for the re-welcome!

    Busy lately with radiation plumes coming over from Japan and several local ‘events.’ Not a lot of time these days.

    I also have trouble accessing Greg’s blog, for some reason, especially when there are a lot of comments; pages won’t load. A new computer is on the front burner and I hope I can adopt it soon!

  26. gregnh says:

    Go Bruins!!!……we really can’t do anything about “plumes” so I don’t wanna know….lol

  27. jacqlynsmith says:

    I love everyone’s comments and appreciate all you say…..I do think we have to take everything with a grain of salt and PRAY we finally figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are! GBU all…..keep up the great job and welcome to all the new commenters as well……great to hear your thoughts! 🙂

  28. jacqlynsmith says:

    Surprise….surprise……they are saying on Fox that Trumps says he still might run….UMMMM…go figure! LOL 🙂

  29. DABIGRAGU says:

    GBAmerica says:
    May 23, 2011 at 10:50 pm
    That’s funny she was fighting Communism? I smell an obot.

  30. GBAmerica says:

    No I ‘m definitely not a paid obot robot!I put up links that I find that maybe somebody somewhere can put something together ,maybe we missed something.I look at all links because our media SUCKS!!Even revisting old articles will help!

    Especially now before 2012 election!
    The first time I saw Barry this is what I thought.

  31. GBAmerica says:

    Remember this one??

  32. GBAmerica says:

  33. GBAmerica says:

  34. GBAmerica says:

  35. gregnh says:


    The End is Near

  36. Helen says:

    Holy shinola! Greg, this is stunning AND it follows Corsi’s interview w/AJ where he stated the Bush administration was the body that requested the Kenyan government to affirm whether Obama was born there or not. Apparently, when they investigated the request they found the documents were “criminally” tampered.

  37. ticktock says:

    oh wow! someone pls help me here. what is this document saying exactly? where’s the site it came from? any more info or breakdowns on this anywhere? i think this is good? is it good? is this finally it?

  38. ticktock says:

    OH! new posting thread! Sorry…got a little excited there! Thanks Greg!

  39. Margie says:

    Thanks for info. keep fighting the good fight, stay safe, God Bless.

  40. GBAmerica says:

  41. NancyDrew says:

    This is UNBELIEVABLE! You’ve gotta read/watch this. Do these people understand the repercussions of what they’re doing? They are signing their rights away!

    “The undersigned hereby adamantly demand that the United States government shut down right wing hate sites. The hate speech propagated by sites like the Drudge Report, Hot Air, Instapundit, Big Government, and others must not be allowed to corrupt our political discourse any longer. These sites are dangerous not only to truth and freedom but also to our society as a whole. BAN THEM NOW!”

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