Morning Liberty Update

Hi Neighbor,

There are details we may never be able to share with people.

We are aware of the costs of hanging on to faith. We are aware of the costs of strikes against ourselves by non – believers.

All my life I have seen God Move Mountains in my life.

Thank You those of you who have blessed my life, with assistance in any measure at all.

A neighbor took my computer twice last week to make repairs from Thugs who tried to Stop My Radio Show and to Hinder my Stand for the Republic. Corey did a wonderful job to take the virus’s out on the first visit. Corey did an awesome job re-installing everything back on to my hard drive this weekend.

My webmaster John has returned. He took a week off to put out some fires for his family. His work is outstanding at God sent John Kiminas to me, to help shed the light on the darkness and to help Stand for Liberty.

On the Radio I work 4 to 6 hours a day…

On the Website I put in 5 to 7 hours a day…

John and I thought by now that we would be selling all sorts of things from our website. We don’t want to ask for donations.

At you can download all kinds of Audio and Video evidence ” For Free. ” We are doing our best to share with people, the evidence people ask you for as you speak about the truth. We have Audio Interviews, Video Documentaries, News Articles and resources of all kinds that can bless you and your friends and family.

Our PayPal is back online.

Thank You those of you who have sent some financial help our way.

A couple people have promised me some larger funds, but they have not done what they promised they would do for me.

I know that if enough of you would send a Little Help that it can do a lot of good.

One of my Radio Fans suggested that I let you know that I’m almost there…

Download 10 of my Audio Interviews at $5 each… It’s easy to do.

Would you donate some funds to Help the Cause at ?

Robert Hender P O Box 192 Manti, UT 84642

A couple ladies gathered some clothing for my children and wife and then mailed them my way. Wow – What a Blessing…

We Still Need Your Help! We’re still looking at bringing in $1,500 some how.

America Needs Our Prayers!

I Am all In!

Thank You for helping me do my job, for our country.

Be Free, Robert Hender, R J

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One Response to Morning Liberty Update

  1. Emanuelle Jensen says:

    Only in America can untalented wackos make a living being exactly that.

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