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I have the New Zeal Blog linked on my sidebar. I find the most compelling stories from off shore sources. I do hope one day we can prosecute people in the media for sedition and treason. It would only take one conviction with the proper sentence to fix the problem. Any way New Zeal has this story posted yesterday.

Call these Intelligence committee members and demand action.

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  1. LindaNY says:

    Will Senate Republicans Snatch Budget Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?

    The American Thinker ^ | February 23, 2011 | Steve McCann

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 6:11:44 AM by Scanian

    “Are the Senate Republicans going wobbly, again? A CNN report indicates that negotiations are underway after several Republican leaders indicated they might accept a short-term spending bill as long as it included at least some spending reductions, and not necessarily the deeper cuts the House approved last weekend.

    Needless to say, the Senate Democratic leaders greeted the news with a “positive reaction.” Publicly, House Speaker John Boehner has said Senate Democrats should accept the entire $60 Billion in cuts the Republicans pushed through the House. However, privately House leaders are acknowledging the need for a stopgap measure to continue funding the government while they negotiate spending levels for a longer term bill to fund the government through October 1.

    However, one member of the Republican leadership let the cat out of the bag: they are intimidated by the prospect of a government shutdown. He said: “Everyone knows that, no matter the truth, we would be blamed [for a government shutdown], so it would be a dumb political move.”

    With that attitude the leadership has essentially surrendered to the Democrats who will, with their cohorts in the media, simply dangle the threat of a shutdown whenever they choose and they will have the upper hand.

    This is not the United States of 1995 and the Democrats will not succeed in blaming any shutdown, if one occurs, on the Republicans.

    In politics 16 years is a lifetime. For those Republicans with weak knees in the House and Senate, perhaps a primer of what the facts on the ground were in 1995 (the last government shutdown blamed on the Republicans) as compared to today is in order.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  2. LindaNY says:

    Mitch Daniels Caves (Indiana Democrats in Action).

    American Thinker ^ | February 22, 2011 | Ralph Alter

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 5:31:58 AM by broken_arrow1

    “Today Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana dealt a serious blow to his chances for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, when he caved in to the walk-out by Democrats in the Indiana House over a controversial right-to-work bill. Beth Schneider writes in the Indianapolis Star:

    Daniels told reporters this afternoon that he expects House Democrats will return to work if the bill dies. It would be unfortunate if other bills are caught up in the turmoil, he said.

    He will not send out state police to corral the Democrats, the Republican governor said.

    The Democrat minority has (the) right to express its views, he added.

    Daniels is a fiscal hawk who has won national acclaim for the bang-up job he has done steering the Indiana economy out of the mire of the recession compounded by two previous terms of Democrat irresponsibility. The governor gave a controversial speech at the CPAC convention asking Republicans to “call a truce” on social issues while dealing with America’s faltering economy.

    Word to Mitch: the stifling effect of labor unions on the economy is not a social issue.

    Daniels’ unwillingness to stand on principle on issues important to social conservatives suggested that there might be a weak spot in the former Reagan Budget Director’s resume. Daniels earned the sobriquet “Mitch the Knife” for his willingness to stand on economic principle while helping trim the fat out of the federal budget.

    Apparently, Daniels now wants to be known as “Mitch the Nice.” That won’t work for me or any of the conservatives that I know. Now is the time to draw the proverbial line in the sand and act on the mandate provided conservatives in the 2010 mid-term elections. Reigning in union greed must be a top priority.

    I’m sure teachers, federal employees, Indiana Democrats and associated union ilk are searching the thrift stores for “My Man Mitch” buttons that they would previously have spat upon.

    Sorry Mitch, but it’s only taken two weeks in the national public eye to prove that you ain’t no Chris Christie or Scott Walker.”

  3. LindaNY says:

    Video Outrage: Utah Police Kill Marijuana Smoker in Own Home

    Opposing views ^ | Jan, 2011 | NORML

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 5:27:56 AM by djf

    “Unbelievable video. About a second after they bust the door down, they gun the guy to the ground…”

    (Excerpt) View Video at the link…

  4. LindaNY says:

    Poll Shows Wisconsin and Indiana Union Protests Could Spell Trouble for Democrats

    American Thinker ^ | Feb. 22, 2011 | Brad O’Leary

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 5:15:15 AM by Suvroc10

    “The Reverend Jesse Jackson was firing up a crowd of Wisconsin union protesters last Saturday.

    “If we can find the money to bail out wealthy businessmen, we can bail out Madison, Wisconsin!”

    Jackson’s battle cry for transferring billions of taxpayer dollars into union coffers is the next big fear for fiscally responsible legislators and voters alike. And many believe that if the unions prevail in Wisconsin, massive bailouts for state public employees unions won’t be far behind.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  5. LindaNY says:

    Bill Calls for Illegals to Be Dumped at Offices of Congressmen (Texas legislative initiative)

    1200 News Radio WOAI, San Antonio ^ | February 22, 2011 | Jim Forsyth

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 4:17:22 AM by Liz

    “BILL: Says all illegal immigrants should be ‘taken to the office of a US Senator or Congressman and left there’

    A measure filed by State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) would allow any law enforcement agency that has custody of an illegal immigrant to take the illegal to ‘the office of a U.S. Senator or Representative’ and leave them there.

    1200 WOAI news reports the measure also allows county sheriff’s deputies or city police officers to ‘request an agent or employee of the United States Senator or United States Representative to sign a document acknowledging the release or discharge of the illegal immigrant at the senator’s or representative’s office.

    The measure covers individuals who are ‘not a citizen or national of the United States’ and who is ‘unlawfully present in the United States.’ Kolkhorst concedes the measure is a ‘cry for help’ to convince federal officials to secure the border, but she says she is serious about getting the measure approved by the Legislature.

    The measure doesn’t specify what the Senator or Congressman is supposed to do with the illegal immigrant, but calls on the law enforcement agency to ‘maintain a record of each illegal immigrant released or discharged who is not transferred to the custody of the Untied States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.’

    Illegal immigration has emerged as a top priority of the Republican super-majority in the Texas Legislature, and this is just one of several dozen bills introduced in Austin to deny jobs, housing, and government benefits to illegals.

    Several thousand people are expected to descend on the state capitol today to denounce the measures, and to call on the federal government, not the states, to handle matters related to immigration.”

  6. LindaNY says:

    Post Traumatic American Syndrome

    American Thinker ^ | February 23, 2011 | Robin of Berkeley

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 2:50:03 AM by neverdem

    “I have noticed fewer people around town this past weekend. First I thought it was because of the Presidents Day holiday. Then I realized it was because anarchists were being bused into Wisconsin! More for them, and less for us!

    The Midwest is getting a bit of a taste of Berkeley life. I’m guessing they are not liking it one bit. The violent, hostile vibe wouldn’t sit well with decent Midwestern folks.

    Of course, around Berkeley, riots are nothing new; there are street uprisings whenever the spirit moves people.

    On Telegraph Avenue, the poor merchants have endured impromptu mayhem for decades. I say “poor” merchants for a reason: most of them are struggling, and, if you’ve visited the area recently, you’ll find that a number of storekeepers have packed up and moved on.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  7. LindaNY says:

    Today’s Toons 2/23/11

    The Right Reasons ^ | 2/23/11 | pookie18

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 6:57:50 AM by pookie18


  8. LindaNY says:

    The Liberal View of Crime & Punishment

  9. LindaNY says:

    LIBYA – CHINA Beijing organising exodus of 33,000 Chinese from Libya, Taiwanese too ^ | 02-23-2011 | Source: Asia News

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10:25:16 AM by Red Badger

    “Aircraft, cargo ships and fishing boats are moving towards Libya to evacuate Chinese nationals living in the North African country. Tunisian, Turkish and other workers are fleeing the country as well.

    Tripoli – China will send a jet, ships and fishing vessels from nearby waters to evacuate some 33,000 Chinese nationals working in violence-torn Libya. The government has set up an emergency unit headed by Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang to coordinate the repatriation of mainlanders, as well as people from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    The State Council (cabinet) “decided to immediately deploy chartered civil aircraft, COSCO cargo ships in nearby waters, and Chinese fishing vessels carrying needed living and medical supplies”, the Ministry said.

    China will also lease “nearby large-scale passenger cruise ships and buses” to help in the evacuation effort.

    A spokesman for China’s Embassy in Libya said dozens of Chinese citizens have been injured since the unrest broke out about a week ago, and 15 of them are now in hospital.

    Beijing has also called on Tripoli to ensure the safety of its nationals after hundreds of construction workers in eastern Libya were attacked, robbed and forced to escape on foot towards Tripoli.

    “China has made urgent representations to the Libyan side, requiring it to conduct investigations [into the attacks] and bring the perpetrators to justice,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said.

    The Chinese are not the only foreigners fleeing the country. Thousands of Tunisians are crossing the border into Tunisia, whilst 3,000 Turks are waiting to be evacuated.”

  10. LindaNY says:

    Supporters back Gaddafi as he vows to die a martyr

    Euronews ^

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10:11:37 AM by kronos77


    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  11. LindaNY says:

    Arizona Senate panel passes birthright citizen law

    AP via SFGate ^ | 2/22/11 | BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 12:13:17 AM by SmithL

    “An Arizona Senate committee approved a bill late Tuesday designed to set up a U.S. Supreme Court case on automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants.

    The Republican-led Appropriations Committee panel was also expected to consider a more sweeping bill later Tuesday that would target illegal immigrants in public housing, public benefits and the workplace.

    That measure, which would add to last year’s controversial Arizona illegal immigration law, drew vocal opposition from Democrats, who say its sponsor isn’t focused on Republicans’ stated top priority, the economy.

    The 29-page bill was introduced by Republican Sen. Russell Pearce, who also authored last year’s law, which touched off a nationwide debate on whether states can enforce federal immigration laws.

    Democrats don’t have the votes to block the Pearce’s most recent measure, . . .”

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  12. LindaNY says:

    Indian trade unions protest inflation, corruption

    Yahoo/AP ^ | 2/23/11

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 7:07:30 AM by EBH

    NEW DELHI (AP) — “Tens of thousands of trade union supporters marched through India’s capital on Wednesday to express frustration with high food prices and endemic corruption.

    At least 40,000 demonstrators, some coming by train from outside the capital, marched through the city toward Parliament, Delhi Traffic Police constable Sham Lal said. Organizers put the number of protesters at about 100,000.

    Participants came from trade unions linked with both the opposition Communist Party and the governing Congress Party.

    Many carried red Communist flags showing a hammer and sickle as they made their way down streets decorated in Communist Party posters.

    They chanted anti-government slogans accusing the government of failing to curb inflation and corruption.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

  13. LindaNY says:

    Saudi Oil Minister to CNBC: We Will Protect Supply

    CNBC ^ | February 22, 2011 | Patrick Allen

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 12:22:49 AM by 2ndDivisionVet

    “Saudi Arabia will not allow any supply disruptions from the Middle East to impact global supplies of oil, the oil-rich country’s deputy oil minister told CNBC Tuesday.

    “The market knows that Saudi has a good chunky excess capacity and a record of using it when needed,” Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud said in an interview.

    “There is no qualms, what needs to prevail is no shortage of supply,” said the prince, who is hosting a meeting of ministers from the world’s major oil producers.

    Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said investors should not panic, likening the current situation to being inside a burning house.

    “Investors should not react to the risk premium. In a fire in a house, panic leads to disaster. You need to get hold of yourself and think rationally and get to safety,” he said.

    The prince added that he hoped the situation in the wider region will calm down but expects jitters in oil, foreign exchange and even stock markets given all the uncertainty.

    “We hope the situation will subside,” he said.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  14. LindaNY says:

    Live Thread of Arkansas Bill to ban state benefits to illegal aliens! ^

    Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10:21:42 AM by pulaskibush

    Here is the link for the live feed to the committee meeting scheduled to start at 10am.

  15. LindaNY says:

    Planned Parenthood in Kansas Ignored 164 Cases of Child Rape ^ | February 22, 2011 | Steven Ertelt

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 6:41:56 PM by julieee

    Topeka, KS — “Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline dropped a bombshell during a hearing today in a case involving pro-abortion pushback against the charges he filed against a Planned Parenthood abortion business.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

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