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  1. Citizen Don in California says:

    LindaNY says:
    July 13, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    Terri aka NCPatriot says:
    July 13, 2010 at 6:45 pm
    Hi, Terri! What is Dr. Livingston’s first name? Maybe, I can help…Thanks.
    Dr Dale Livingston, DLC, JD

  2. Citizen Don in California says:

    U.S. soldiers are being told to consider an Article 15 investigation “as part of the AAR process,” or After Action Review, one informed source said. “This is simply incredible. It’s like saying ‘court martials (sic) will happen, just consider that to be part of your counseling process,'” the military source said.
    Read the rest at the above link

    I wonder if a soldier that is court martialed can claim that the Rules of engagement are illegal due to not being issued by a legal Commander in Chief??

  3. Citizen Don in California says:


    Cartoon mocks war-hero candidate’s combat wound
    Editor apology: ‘Newspapers are not meant to coddle public officials’

    Posted: July 13, 2010
    1:04 pm Eastern

    By Chelsea Schilling
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    A California newspaper has come under fire for publishing a political cartoon that critics say mocks the combat injuries of a decorated war hero and candidate for Congress.

    On July 9, the Imperial Valley Press in El Centro, Calif., published the following cartoon depicting a caricature of decorated Marine veteran Nick Popaditch, 42, a gunnery sergeant who was famously photographed smoking a cigar after the fall of Baghdad:

    “I’m a rookie to this,” he told Fox News. “I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not a politician; I’m a citizen. I’m a citizen who loves his country.”
    Read the rest at the above link.
    This is the guy that is running against bob filner in California’s 51 district.

    Go Gunny!!!

  4. Terri aka NCPatriot says:

    Citizen Don, thank you for providing that information. All I knew was doctor Dale, lol.

    Linda NY, I do believe you have the talents to find what we’re searching for. You are persistent, and we thank you for that.

  5. LindaNY says:

    Citizen Don in California says:
    July 13, 2010 at 9:33 pm
    Thanks, Don!
    Terri aka NCPatriot says:
    July 13, 2010 at 6:45 pm
    Terri, Here is what I found…Hope it helps!

    DR DALE LIVINGSTON, DLC, JD, tms. The truth is that the concept of Sovereignty, upon this earth, rests ultimately in the hands of the People alone, the People in ALL nations, not just the United States of America….. Therefore was the Law prepared for the earth before the earth was prepared for the – Proxy – Highlight

    Dr Dale Livingston, DLC, JD, tms. Everything, not the thing for which the court’s purpose is held. This practice, whoever first proposed it, constitutes a Malicious Contempt of Constitution, a criminal offense belonging to the sovereignty of any country to prosecute in their own good time. – Proxy – Highlight

    New Page 1 *
    The packing of the ground technically began January 1969. Suppression of the ground swell had to be stopped, cold if possible. The ground had become somewhat rich and was fast getting richer. If things continued at their then current rate, the productivity of the ground would soon abound everywhere. – Proxy – Highlight


  6. LindaNY says:

    Terri aka NCPatriot says:
    July 13, 2010 at 6:45 pm
    More Information for you, Terri!

    Sec/Treasurer Mr. Dale Livingston 1417 E 350 North Road. Nokomis 62075 217/563-2156


  7. LindaNY says:

    Terri aka NCPatriot says:
    July 13, 2010 at 6:45 pm


    Meet the TEAM

    Please Note. “The current status of each of the persons below have changed since “The Ultimate Lawsuit” was first introduced in its formative years of 2001 and 2002, and while its original Team Members, so far as is known, are still around, due to litigation problems of those times involving the question of – “Which is the Correct Court to bring forth The Ultimate Lawsuit into” as not being answerable back then, nevertheless, in remembrance of their Original Honor, the mention, below, of the Members of the Team are still presented here today just as they existed back then, so that there be none who may doubt, or forget, just how very intended and powerful this Lawsuit was designed to be back then, and still is today. Written in the present tense, even though now the past tense:

    Dr Dale Livingston, DLC, JD, Chairman of the United States Federal Counselors Association, Attorney at Law by Statute: Dr. Livingston is the individual, known around the United States and in various parts of the world, who has brought us this First Amendment Ultimate Lawsuit. Dr Livingston is known for his incredibly in-depth discoveries and analysis of the frauds originally committed by the Internal Revenue Service, commencing in the year of 1953, through 1962, resulting, for the first time, in an upcoming case against the IRS based almost sheerly on facts, not contradicting points of law.

    This is an important distinction as it is well known in the judicial system at large and by attorneys that if there is even one set of facts which can be proven before the court in support of the claim as it relates to the charges against the upcoming defendant IRS, “if the evidence is such that a reasonable jury could return a verdict, either way, pertinent or relative to the nonmoving party (Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc. 477 U.S. 248 (1986)), then it means that it is entirely inappropriate and wrong for any judge in such a case to grant a dismissal under a summary judgment, or a 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss! In Dr, Livingston’s findings in the initial Ultimate Lawsuit, he has uncovered over 86 solid facts, all showing evidence of extreme income tax fraud, committed upon the American people, going back to 1953, and providing the People of the United States, for the first time, a real cause of action that says and will say to the IRS and the federal government, “You have defrauded us, for real and by fact, going all the way back to 1953, and NOW, we want our money back. ALL of it! PLUS reasonable interest, compounded annually!”

    Dr Livingston is recognized in some circles as being the # 1 constitutional law expert in the nation, and Dr Livingston’s extremely in-depth discovery and analysis of the heinous First Amendment violations by the IRS (and apparently certain factions in Congress as well) has earned him widespread recognition as an attorney on the cutting edge of legal detectivism, which has catapulted him to the front lines, where he does legal battle with the ‘corrupt powers that be’ on a daily basis, fearlessly, tirelessly, with the heart of a lion and the bite of a tiger. He is no slacker when it comes to the fierceness of battle against fighting the political and legal monsters in our society. His vow in specific has been to see the IRS taken down all the way, legally, never to raise its ugly head again.

  8. Citizen Don in California says:


    Felonious assault on U.S. elections
    Convicts, ACORN pet project may determine country’s leadership

    Posted: July 13, 2010
    9:41 pm Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    Last summer, the Democracy Restoration Act was introduced by Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. The bill would restore federal voting rights to felons who have served their sentences.

    In March, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the bill, reviewing testimony on the subject from the NAACP’s Washington bureau director as well as the Brennan Center, a liberal activist group at New York University.
    Read the rest at the above link.

    If the dead won’t vote for dems, then the felons will.

  9. LindaNY says:

    Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    Economic Collapse – by Design – LaRouche

    “In the world today, few political or economic events occur by accident. The attacks on the World Trade Center took years of planning, $Millions in funding and at least hundreds of people to implement.

    George Bush Sr proclaimed in 1991 that ” …we will have a New World Order. ” Allen Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Dave Axelrod, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, along with the rest of the Bilderberg/CFR crowd have been devising this Economic Collapse for America for some time now. Lyndon Larouche says we can stop this financial meltdown if we move quickly…”

    Lyndon LaRouche

    Tue July 13, 2010

    End-Game Is On – Getting Out In Time

    End-Game is On: Getting Out in Time!

    Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    July 12 , 2010

    “Since my Summer 1956 forecast of a deep recession to strike suddenly, somewhere during the February-March interval of 1957, I have never published a forecast for the U.S. economy which did not occur as I had foreseen. The reason for this distinction, is that all my putative rivals in such matters have relied on statistical monetarist trend-lines which are inherently incompetent by the very nature of the method adopted.

    Such was the outcome of my series of forecasts for the U.S.A. over the course of the 1960s, leading into what I had forecast as the probable breakdown of the Bretton Woods system during an interval of the late 1960s and very early 1970s. This was the case for my sundry forecasts during the course of the 1980s, and for 1992, 1996-98, 2001, 2004, and for the close of the month of July 2007.

    Thus, I never predict as the silly statisticians do; I leave such foolish trifles to the race-track and Wall Street gamblers; I forecast intervals of crisis which require remedial decisions, as I do here and now.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  10. LindaNY says:

    ATF seizes guns in raid of Arizona home

    by Nathan Gonzalez – The Arizona Republic July 13, 2010

    “Federal authorities seized more than 1,000 firearms from the unincorporated east Mesa home of a man they accuse of being an unlicensed gun dealer who unlawfully sold firearms at area gun shows.

    About two dozen Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents clad in bulletproof vests and assault rifles surrounded the home of Robert B. and Lois Daly before 6 a.m. Monday.

    The home is in the 8300 block of East Quill Street, near 84th Street and McDowell Road in a rural part of east Mesa.

    ATF Special Agent Thomas Mangan said agents executed a search warrant for more than 1,000 firearms and financial documents showing Robert Daly illegally sold firearms without a federal license. Daly at one point had a valid license, but it expired in 2006, Mangan said.”

    (Excerpt) Read entire article here…

  11. LindaNY says:

    U.S. Marines Train with Los Angeles Police Department

    (NBC Los Angeles) July 13, 2010

    “A tough-talking, muscular Los Angeles police sergeant steadily rattled off tips to a young Marine riding shotgun as they raced in a patrol car to a drug bust: Be aware of your surroundings. Watch people’s body language. Build rapport.

    Marine Lt. Andrew Abbott, 23, took it all in as he peered out at the graffiti-covered buildings, knowing that the lessons he learned recently in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods could help him soon in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    “People are the center of gravity and if you do everything you can to protect them, then they’ll protect you,” he said. “That’s something true here and pretty much everywhere.”

    Abbott was among 70 Camp Pendleton Marines in a training exercise that aims to adapt the investigative techniques the LAPD has used for decades against violent street gangs to take on the Taliban more as a powerful drug-trafficking mob than an insurgency.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  12. LindaNY says:

    5 Tests for Your Brain – Only Great Minds Can Read This

    Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    “Our minds have major potential, beyond what we can see. Every one of us have unique ability. This Short Neurological Test may challenge your mind. Only 55 out of 100 people were found with the ability to pass some of these tests. Researchers at Cambridge University found that when you maintain the first and the last letter in a word, then mix up the letters in the middle, our mind will assemble properly the word. This Neurological Test may be fun for you or it could be frustrating.

    Researchers at Cambridge University have been working to develop the perfect test of Thinking Potential. These 5 questions may challenge your mind, or maybe not.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  13. LindaNY says:

    (Video Set) Fall of America & The Western World – A Survival Guide (Parts 1 – 6)

    YouTube (actually, this is produced elsewhere, but I can’t find it) ^ | 10 July 2010 | Interviews with various people, from

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:37:28 AM by combat_boots

    The Fall of America and the Western World

    “National Bankruptcy. Hyper-inflation. Severe Credit Crisis. The Death of the Dollar and the Euro. Socialism. Even Martial Law. For the first time since the Great Depression, the world’s problems have become our problems. And the experts all agree things will only get worse. Are you and your family ready to survive the catasrophe?

    Two years in the making, this 9-disc set is loaded with information the popular media and our so-called leaders are purposefully not warning you about. Featuring exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with some of the biggest names in both alternative and mainstream thought, this riveting documentary can also be used as an interactive tutorial on everything you need to know to stop the crisis from worsening – and what to do if all else fails.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  14. LindaNY says:

    US Home-Buying Applications Sink to 13-Year Low (Obama Summer Recovery Continues!)

    CNBC ^ | 07/14/2010 | Reuters

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:27:25 AM by Rational Thought

    “Demand for loans to purchase U.S. homes sunk to a 13-year low last week, and refinancing demand also slid despite near record-low mortgage rates, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Wednesday.

    Requests for loans to buy homes dropped 3.1 percent in the week ended July 9, after adjusting for the Independence Day holiday, to the lowest level since December 1996, the industry group said.

    Refinancing applications fell 2.9 percent, and the mortgage market index that reflects total loan demand also fell 2.9 percent.

    Average 30-year mortgage rates edged up 0.01 percentage point to 4.69 percent, but were near the record low of 4.61 percent set in March 2009, based on MBA records dating back to 1990.

    Rock-bottom borrowing costs are helping borrowers with pristine credit to buy and those who still have equity in their homes to refinance. But high unemployment and foreclosures remain major hurdles, and worries that prices could dip further are also keeping many potential buyers on the sidelines.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  15. LindaNY says:

    The World Isn’t Waiting on Free Trade

    The Wall Street Journal ^ | July 12, 2010 | Mike Johanns

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:23:35 AM by 1rudeboy

    “Our exporters are losing ground. The president should act on the trade agreements with Colombia and others.

    More than three years ago the United States and Colombia signed a trade agreement that would reduce or eliminate tariffs on most U.S. exports to Colombia. Unfortunately the agreement has been languishing ever since, and it is still waiting on the president to submit it to Congress. In the time since it was negotiated, American exporters have paid over $2.8 billion in tariffs that would have been eliminated under the agreement.

    While we continue to dither and our exporters continue to pay the price, Colombia isn’t waiting around. Earlier this month the Canadian parliament ratified a free trade agreement with Colombia that will improve Canada’s access to the Colombian market.

    This is just the latest example of our competitors speeding past us while we are stuck in neutral. Since signing the trade agreement with the U.S. in November 2006, Colombia has concluded trade agreement negotiations with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and the European Union. These countries are now gaining a competitive advantage over U.S. exporters.

    The agreement between Colombia and Canada will enable Canadian wheat to enter the Colombian market duty-free. Yet according to one report prepared by the House Ways and Means Committee, the failure to implement the U.S.-Colombia agreement thus far has resulted in a jaw-dropping 87% decrease in U.S. wheat exports to Colombia. My home state of Nebraska has also experienced a decline.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  16. LindaNY says:

    Sunday Open Thread–Establishing Islam in America | Rally for Muslim Holidays in NYC Schools

    Muslim Matters ^ | 6-27-10 | Youssef Chouhoud

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:15:15 AM by SJackson

    “Muslims have, alhamdulilah, a long history in America. InshaAllah, too, they will have a long and prosperous future in this country. Crucial to Muslim advancement, I believe, is institutional establishment.

    Fundamentally, this means building the masjids, schools and civic centers that will teach, guide and socialize this segment of the ummah. Just as important, however, is continuing our integration into broader American institutions. Unfortunately, there have been several recent campaigns seeking to halt Muslim progress on both these fronts.

    So far this year, several efforts to build new masjids across America have met pretty intense opposition. Plans for an Islamic center in lower Manhattan near Ground Zero have elicited national coverage and local protest. It’s tempting to think that such resistance is owed more to the venue than anything else, but events up the bay evidence different motives. In Staten Island, too, an MAS initiative is meeting similar hostility. Both these protests, however, seemingly pale in comparison to the virulently racist clashes in Tennessee over a proposed “mega-mosque.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  17. LindaNY says:

    A boycott broadcast, support legal immigration; buy a Geno’s cheese steak (Stand with Arizona !!)

    Examiner (Philadelphia) ^ | 07/14/2010 | Linda Raileanu

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:15:00 AM by Kid Shelleen

    “—snip— Here in Philadelphia on July 14, 2010 from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM, The Big Talker 1210 and Joey Vento’s Geno’s Steaks are teaming up for a ‘Boycott Broadcast’ (a special LIVE remote broadcast at Geno’s). Buy a cheese steak and all proceeds will benefit Arizonans through the Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund.

    Special (Broadcast) Guests: • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer • Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce, author of Arizona Immigration Bill • PA State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, sponsor of PA Immigration Bill • Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio • Hazelton, PA Mayor Lou Barletta

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  18. LindaNY says:

    Homosexual flier given to kids through Ma.GLBT Youth Commission ^ | 07/14/2010 | n/a

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:09:01 AM by massmike

    “Here’s what homosexual activists have been giving to your children — using tax dollars appropriated by the Massachusetts Legislature!

    The pamphlet (shown BELOW) is given out by BAGLY (“Boston Alliance for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth”). BAGLY is part of the Mass. Commission for GLBT Youth. (You can download a copy below) It was originally given out at the Commission’s “Youth Pride” event in 2007 through BAGLY’s “HEARRT” group. According to BAGLY’s website, that same group was giving out materials to kids this year at BAGLY’s homosexual/transgender “prom” on May 8.

    BAGLY is a hard-core homosexual/transgender activist group that not only goes into the public schools, but entices schoolchildren as young as middle-school age to attend off-campus homosexual and transgender activities across the state. Many of these events are with bizarre adults, such as men wearing women’s clothes, middle-aged men involved with sado-masochism, etc. This is not conjecture.

    To anyone who has been observing the homosexual movement targeting children in the schools, it is no secret that they want to make young children feel comfortable engaging in homosexual sex acts, both with each other and with older adults.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  19. LindaNY says:

    The National Association for the Advancement of Coddled People ^ | 7/14/2010 | Michelle Malkin

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7:58:37 AM by Servant of the Cross

    “Before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People decided to ride the anti-tea party wave back to political relevancy, its most recent activist crusade involved a silly space-themed Hallmark graduation card. Yes, the NAACP has been lost in space for quite some time now. And blaming whitey will no longer cut it.

    In June, the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP demanded that the greeting card be pulled because it used the term “black holes” (which the bionically equipped ears of the p.c. police insisted sounded like “black whores”). “It sounds like a group of children laughing and joking about blackness,” one NAACP official complained.

    It was a group of hipster cartoon characters chattering about the universe and galaxies and wide-open possibilities to new high school and college grads. Alas, this is what has become of the once-inspired drive against racial discrimination.

    In just a few short decades, the stalwart strivers for equality have turned into coddled whiners for hypersensitivity. The NAACP is a laughingstock. The group no longer represents the best interests of oppressed minorities, but the thin-skinned whims of the black elite and the ravenous appetite of the Nanny State. Establishment civil rights leaders now use their once-compelling moral authority to hector, bully and shake down corporate and political targets.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  20. LindaNY says:

    Holder’s Hypocrisy ^ | 7/14/2010 | Victor Davis Hanson

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7:52:17 AM by Servant of the Cross

    “Attorney General Eric Holder has developed a bad habit of accusing others of acting in bad faith while doing so himself.

    Take the issue of Guantanamo Bay. In Aspen, Colo., last week, Holder accused Congress of playing politics in preventing President Obama from closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center — as Obama had serially promised to do within a year of his inauguration.

    But this accusation is disingenuous for a variety of reasons.

    Obama campaigned on calls to reverse the Bush administration anti-terrorism protocols, charging that they were either unnecessary or counterproductive. Then, when invested with the responsibility of governance, Obama suddenly reversed himself on almost all of them — tribunals, renditions, Iraq, the Patriot Act, targeted airborne assassinations and Guantanamo Bay. Holder himself — in the quite different political climate of 2002 — once supported the detention of terrorists without regard for the Geneva Conventions. What made him so radically change his views?”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  21. LindaNY says:

    Offshore drilling woes may land on shore [onshore natural gas]

    CNN ^ | 7-14-10 | Steve Hargreaves

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7:33:17 AM by SJackson

    NEW YORK ( — “Restrictions on new oil and gas drilling could soon spread from the Gulf of Mexico to onshore operations.

    There’s currently a moratorium set to last until Nov. 30 on drilling rigs used for deepwater operations in the Gulf. It is designed to halt new operations until the causes of the BP accident are known and new safety procedures can be put in place.

    2diggEmail Print CommentBut the incident has heightened concerns over other forms of oil and gas drilling — specifically in the prolific but controversial shale formations.

    The shale areas, so-named due to the type of rock they contain, are relatively new areas for natural gas production in the United States. They are thought to hold vast amounts of the fuel used mostly to generate electricity and a cleaner alternative to coal.

    But the shale is often located near major population centers, and concerns have arisen that drilling will contaminate drinking water.

    Many residents that live in or near the shale areas have formed groups calling for tougher regulations. But so far they’ve enjoyed little support from the Obama administration or other powerful politicians.

    That may be shifting.

    “The perception of risk has changed, and the reason for it can be summed up in one word – Macondo,” said Kevin Book, a managing director at Clear View Energy Partners, referring to BP’s leaking well.

    Book is among the analysts that believe tighter federal regulations on shale drilling are coming, perhaps sometime in 2011.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  22. LindaNY says:

    Obama Administration Approves First Direct Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

    CNS News ^ | July 14, 2010 | Susan Jones

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7:23:06 AM by SJackson

    Obama Administration Approves First Direct Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Through New High-Risk Insurance Pools

    “President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden react to cheers as they arrive in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, March 23, 2010, for the signing ceremony for the health care bill. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)( – If you want proof that President Obama’s Executive Order on taxpayer-funded abortion was a sham, look no further than Pennsylvania, says House Republican Leader John Boehner (Ohio).

    Boehner and other Republicans point to reports that the Health and Human Services Department is giving Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new high-risk insurance pool that will cover any abortion that is legal in the state.

    “The fact that the high-risk pool insurance program in Pennsylvania will use federal taxpayer dollars to fund abortions is unconscionable,” Boehner said in a statement on Tuesday.

    “Just last month at the White House, I asked President Obama to provide the American people with a progress report on the implementation of his Executive Order, which purports to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions. Unfortunately, the President provided no information, and the American people are still waiting for answers.”

    President Obama pledged that under his health care plan “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  23. LindaNY says:

    White House says stimulus saved 3 million U.S. jobs (Another White House load of bull)

    reuters ^ | 7/14/2010 | Caren Bohan

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 7:20:22 AM by tobyhill

    “Hoping to lift sagging confidence in President Barack Obama’s economic leadership, the White House will make the case on Wednesday that his policies are creating jobs and spurring private investment.

    A report to be unveiled at 11 a.m. EDT will estimate that Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus package, which passed last year, has saved or created 3 million jobs and is on track to meet its goal of 3.5 million jobs by the end of this year.

    The analysis from the White House Council of Economic Advisers will say that government funding of clean energy, economic development, construction projects and other initiatives is spurring “co-investment” by private-sector firms, according to a U.S. official who previewed the report.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  24. LindaNY says:

    The Left’s Psychological Assault on Independence

    By Andrew Foy, MD July 14, 2010

    “The United States faces overwhelming fiscal problems. Our current level of government spending and future entitlement obligations are simply unsustainable. However, as concerning as these fiscal matters are, the biggest problem America faces has nothing to do with economics, but rather psychology.

    The strength of a nation reflects the character of its citizens. While America was once considered a nation of individuals fiercely independent and self-reliant, her citizens are moving closer to a state of dependence, characterized by irresponsibility and ambivalence. This change has been instigated by the politics of collectivism and the growth of the social welfare state.

    F.A. Hayek, the famous Austrian-born economist and political philosopher, warned of the dangers of excessive government.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  25. LindaNY says:

    Barack Hussein Einstein at Harvard

    By James Lewis July 14, 2010

    “There’s a funny story about Barack Obama at Harvard Law, both funny-ha-ha and funny-peculiar. It involves one of those cloud-borne Himalayan intellects of liberalism, Professor Larry Tribe, the Tyler Professor of Constitutional Law at one of the most prestigious law schools in the United States. Tribe is the legal giant who is always a bridesmaid but never a bride for the Supremes.

    And yea verily, the Professor met and held converse with The Blessed Lightworker Himself back in the nineties. The story doesn’t say if they were both stoned out of their minds when they got together, but it’s the only explanation I can think of. What happened is so weird and so discreditable to all concerned that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Still, nobody in the liberal media seems to get the joke…which tells you a lot.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  26. LindaNY says:

    Pelosi Slams Gibbs for ‘Politically Inept’ House Forecast (true Pelosi panic) A publication of CQ-Roll Call Group ^ | July 13, 2010 | Kathleen Hunter and Jennifer Bendery

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:41:23 AM by ransomnote

    ““It was bad,” another source said. “She was like: ‘I don’t appreciate it. I don’t know who this guy is. I’ve never met him before. And he’s saying that we’re going to lose the House.’”

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  27. LindaNY says:

    140 Days of Prayer for the United States of America [DAY 10 – Wednesday 14 July 2010]

    In Touch ^ | 14 July 2010 | David Osborne

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:40:45 AM by davidosborne

    MY PRAYER: Day 10 of 140

    “Father God, I thank you and praise you for You are Truth and Your Words are profitable for Doctrine, Reproof, Correction, and Instruction in Righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). I thank you that there is nothing I can do to “earn” Your mercy and grace. I am reminded of that the only way I can enter into your presence is to become spotless and holy. Furthermore, there is nothing I can do on my own to become spotless and holy because of my sin and because You are holy and I owe a such a huge sin debt to You that I can never repay. Then I am reminded that your mercy and grace has provided the solution to this dilemma. You have provided the solution, by sending Your Son to pay this sin debt that He did not owe and that I could never pay. (John 3:16).

    Lord God I stand in the gap on behalf of our entire Nation and confess our NATIONAL sin of disobedience and for failing to come before you on your terms. Lord we as a nation can do nothing, absolutely nothing, to gain favor with you. I pray for my nation, and desire that all of your people will come to you and stand in the gap on behalf of the United States of America. Father I ask that you raise up Godly men (husbands/fathers) in America who will follow your lead so that they can boldly LEAD their family first, and the LEAD US. Amen.”

    Watch this video after you pray and then pray again as God leads and directs you. Short 3min video – Lead Me – Sanctus Real; a video production of My Bridge Radio

    David Osborne Tallahassee, Florida
    Wednesday, 14 July 2010 (5:15AM EST)

  28. LindaNY says:

    A letter to President Barack Obama July 14, 2010.

    (Found at NewZeal) ^ | 14 July 2010 | Congressman Mark Kirk

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:27:45 AM by combat_boots

    President Barack Obama

    The White House

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

    Washington, D.C.

    Dear Mr. President:

    “Earlier today, Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi stood before the United Nations General Assembly and called the U.N. Security Council a “Terror Council.” Qaddafi went on to suggest the State of Israel was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and that the H1N1 flu might be a military or corporate weapon. Last month, when Scotland freed Abel Baset Megrahi, the only man convicted in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, Qaddafi greeted him with a hero’s welcome. As you know, Megrahi was accompanied back to Libya by Qaddafi’s son, Saif, who was involved in the negotiations for Megrahi’s release.

    At the time, you expressed your disappointment over Megrahi’s release and called it a mistake. Attorney General Holder said, “There is simply no justification for releasing this convicted terrorist whose actions took the lives of 270 individuals, including 189 Americans.”

    That is why, as a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State-Foreign Operations, I was disturbed by a congressional notification dated September 15, 2009 (enclosed), informing our Committee of the State Department’s intent to provide $200,000 to Saif Qaddafi’s foundation and another $200,000 to an organization run by Muammar Qaddafi’s daughter, Aisha. Just weeks after the Qaddafi family celebrated the return of a terrorist responsible for the murders of 189 Americans, the U.S. taxpayer should not be asked to reward them with $400,000. For the sake of the victims’ families who have endured so much pain these last few weeks, I ask you to withdraw your Administration’s request.

    Sincerely, Mark Steven Kirk Member of Congress

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  29. LindaNY says:

    Sources: Trial lawyers expect tax break from Treasury Department ^ | 07/13/2010 | John O’Brien

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 9:21:49 AM by MrLegalReform

    “The nation’s trial lawyer group, the American Association for Justice, revealed Tuesday that it expects the U.S. Department of Treasury to soon give its members a tax break on contingency fee lawsuits.

    The tax break could be similar to proposed legislation that didn’t make it through Congress last year. That proposal, sponsored by U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., would have allowed attorneys to deduct fees and expenses up-front for filing contingency fee lawsuits.

    John Bowman, the Director of Federal Relations for the AAJ, said in response to a question from a state delegate regarding recruiting new members that an administrative order from the Treasury Department could come as soon as tomorrow, sources told Legal Newsline.

    The Treasury Department cautioned the AAJ not to go public with the information yet, according to Bowman, sources also said.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …”

  30. LindaNY says:

    Obama’s Crisis is GOP’s Opportunity ^ | July 14, 2010 | Jonah Goldberg

    Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 9:17:19 AM by Kaslin

    “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

    The Obama administration came into power with the political winds at its back, the media at its feet and Americans open to major change. The White House even had a slogan: A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

    The logic behind the axiom is unassailable. As Robert Higgs documented in his libertarian classic, “Crisis and Leviathan,” it’s crisis — not merely war — that is the health of the state. Crises melt frozen politics. They create opportunities. They give the government room to maneuver and grow.

    And for a while, it worked that way. Democrats steamrolled the most ambitiously liberal agenda in at least a generation. Yet liberals are miserable. Their lamentations over what they see as President Obama’s lack of audacity punctuate the din, like ululating matrons at an Arab politician’s funeral.

    This misplaced griping stems not from Obama’s failure to “think big” but from a misreading of the political climate: Liberals thought they’d be popular.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  31. LindaNY says:


    “Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.”

    Radio Liberty is hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith.

    You can LISTEN online, VIEW videos, and JOIN Conferences.

    You can also SUBSCRIBE to his NEWSLETTER.

    Sample Articles:

    Symbols and their meaning
    FBI Terrorism Task Force Pamphlet
    Bruce Cambell Adamson – Genealogist and Historian
    The American Stonehenge
    “The Population Control Agenda” By Dr. Stanley Monteith
    “AIDS: The Untold Story”
    “School to Work: A FORMULA FOR FAILURE”
    “The U.N. Plan for Global Control”
    “Brave New Schools”
    “Food Summit Speeds U.N. Agenda”
    “World Heritage “Protection”
    Dr. Monteith was a guest of RJ Hender on the Morning Liberty Show on RBN this morning, July 14, 2010. I listened; it was a very informative interview.

  32. DABIG says:

    Our Tax Dollars And Cousin Odinga:

    A new report by the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) shows that the Obama administration has indeed been using taxpayer dollars to fund a “yes” campaign in Kenya ahead of the August vote on the proposed new Kenyan constitution. One provision in the constitution would legalize abortion in the country for the first time.

    The USAID report contradicts recent statements by the U.S. Embassy in Kenya that denied any accusation that the Obama administration was improperly using money to lobby for the passage of the constitution.

    Read more:

  33. DABIG says:

    gregnh says:
    July 14, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    DABIG, more on this subject here…
    Good one, thanks Greg

  34. gregnh says:

    He should have been arrested when he went to Kenya as a sitting senator and campaigned for Odinga….

  35. DABIG says:

    gregnh says:
    July 14, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    He should have been arrested when he went to Kenya as a sitting senator and campaigned for Odinga….
    Ahh yes, but then we wouldn’t have the present crisis’ would we.

  36. Terri says:

    Linda NY, I so much appreciate all your hard work in finding those links on Dr. Livingston’s work. I’ll go check them out now. Also, took that fun neurological test, and it appears that I don’t have alzheimers yet, lol. That was cool. Thanks for the brain stretch.

  37. gregnh says:

    You know DABIG, you are so right. I took some quit time the other day on the advice of my good friend Linda. I have a small stream in the back yard, so I sat there and just let my mind wonder. Of course it didn’t wonder to images of beautiful women or that huge Bass I might catch someday, it wondered right to Tim Turner and Barack Obama. If you remember the Illinois lottery number the night BHO was elected was 666. There are many people that believe he is the Antichrist. But that aside, just keep it in the back of your mind.

    Here comes a guy in Tim Turner, that comes from a group of God fearing men that have been researching and planning for years, who is on a direct collision course with BHO. Divine intervention? Maybe….

    Now back to your original point. BHO has created a situation that has ignited an incredible large portion of the electorate making Tim Turners likelihood of success that much greater.

    Stream side thoughts, Greg

  38. DABIG says:

    Greg, very wise to take time out once in awhile isn’t it, it’s amazing what we work out when not bombarded with the “noise”. You just might be on to something here, could be Divine intervention, I’m a firm believer in “there are no coincidences”
    Now back to your discovery, I think I’ll take take your lead and go sit by the ocean later, thanks for the thoughts.

  39. DABIG says:

    Black minister condemns NAACP resolution against TEA Party activists

    The prominent black minister, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., whose organization – Staying True to America’s National Destiny (STAND) – has denounced the New
    Black Panther Party as a racist hate group, has taken aim at the NAACP
    for a proposed resolution accusing the Tea Party of racism. Bishop
    Jackson says, “While I have great admiration for the historic
    contribution the NAACP once made toward equality and justice for black
    Americans, they have lost their way. Instead of seeking justice, they
    play racial politics and march lockstep with the far left. They were
    once independent. Now liberals say jump, and the NAACP says, ‘How
    Jackson is joining with black conservatives and Tea Party activists to denounce the NAACP resolution. “The NAACP was silent during the hateful, racist, anti-Semitic rants of Jeremiah Wright and the New
    Black panther Party,” says the Bishop. “Instead of defending Kenneth
    Gladney’s right to freely express his political views as a black
    American, they were silent when he was viciously attacked at a Tea Party
    rally and called the “N” word by SEIU thugs. It seems that the NAACP is
    only for the advancement of liberal “colored” people. Therefore it has
    lost credibility as a true civil rights organization.”
    (Excerpt) read more:

  40. Terri says:

    Greg, glad to hear you took some down time my friend. We have an 8 ft. round fish pond just below our porch, with fancy fantails swimming beneath a waterfall made from rocks off our land. Every night I take down time and sit on the porch watching the fish swim and the water flow, allowing my mind to wander where it may. It’s very often in that setting that I find clarity and peace, after a very long day of reading and research. I’ve had the same thoughts you expressed. Even though I consider Bush a criminal, it took the antics of Obama to light a fire underneath the people. Had Tim started this movement during the previous administration, it would’ve fallen I’m sure. I’ve seen that it takes people being aware that they are directly affected by government made decisions before they get enough to say “Enough!”. With the tea party movement, people saw that there is strength in numbers to fight the status quo. I was very much involved with that until I found you guys and the RAP. This is a time of great awakening and participation for Americans, and why I believe also that there are no coincidences. The time for real change we can believe in is now, and I’m holding on to hope that the elders get their egos out of the way and allow divine intervention to work it’s magic. I’m so very glad you kept this blog up. I tried the other one that libertytree started, but it’s so full of darkness you can feel it as soon as you sign in, so I kicked myself out, lol. Thanks for puttin up with me here.

  41. Citizen Don in California says:

    I have been checking the latest polls and was wondering…….. Does Az “really” want to keep McCain?? The polls show him with a large lead. Now, I don’t live in AZ, but as a part of this country, McCains actions in DC do affect me.

    Can someone in AZ let me know if the polls are correct and McCain is “really” the one that they want back in DC??

    He is for securing the border until after the election and then he will once again turn his back on the border. After all, he lives in DC most of the year and doesn’t have to contend with the illegals.

    Just a wandering thought from a dumb ole country boy!

  42. Cabby - AZ says:

    Citizen Don in California says:
    July 14, 2010 at 6:29 pm
    I have been checking the latest polls and was wondering…….. Does Az “really” want to keep McCain?? The polls show him with a large lead. Now, I don’t live in AZ, but as a part of this country, McCains actions in DC do affect me.
    NO ! NO ! My friends and I don’t want him. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the polls are skewed; however, he is waging a strong campaign and has lots of money and backing, so………. it is hard to tell at this point. He now says whatever it takes to get him back on the right side of voters, but we don’t trust him anymore.

  43. Cabby - AZ says:

    Here is something interesting about the lawsuit against AZ:

    Arizona Governor Can Force Obama to Prove He’s Eligible

  44. Citizen Don in California says:

    Cabby – AZ says:
    July 14, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    Here is something interesting about the lawsuit against AZ:

    Arizona Governor Can Force Obama to Prove He’s Eligible
    At the very least, that would cause him to retract the law suit. Since holder was appointed by o and is filing the suit under his o appointment, then o is the one responsible for the law suit. And we all know that o will “never” provide his eligibility records, so he would redraw the law suit and save AZ lots of money.

  45. Citizen Don in California says:

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    UPDATE: Atty Orly Taitz appeal to Clarence Thomas docketed in the Supreme Court of the United States.

    ObamaRelease YourRecords on 8:03 PM

    This is an update to the Atty Taitz appeal to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas to reverse sanctions in Rhodes vs MacDonald. The appeal is now docketed with the SCOTUS. Below the docket info is the previous report on the appeal and the motion filed…

    No. 10A56


    Orly Taitz, Applicant
    Thomas D. MacDonald, Colonel Garrison Commander, Fort Benning, et al.

    Read the rest at the above link
    This looks interesting.

  46. Terri says:

    For a real history lesson on the Rothschild family and how they affect our country, read the article.

  47. Rena - Georgia says:

    Thanks Terri,
    How this saddens me to know the United States was a major cause of allowing central banking to enter these country’s once free from them.

    However, Rap will right the wrong, and make a better life for all of the world.

  48. LindaNY says:

    Reid under fire on immigration remark

    (Politico) July 14, 2010

    “Immigration reform critics are seizing on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comments this week downplaying the number of illegal immigrants working construction jobs in Nevada, even though a recent study found that his home state had the largest percentage of undocumented workers in the country.

    When a reporter from KLAS-TV in Las Vegas told Reid a 2009 Pew Hispanic Center report found 17 percent of the nation’s construction workers were undocumented, the Nevada Democrat replied: “That may be some place, but it’s not here in Nevada.”

    Reid also was asked why he blocked an amendment introduced by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) last year that would have required all construction firms working on economic stimulus projects to use E-Verify, the federal online system that allows employers to check whether someone is eligible to work in the country.”

    (Excerpt) Read Entire Article here…

  49. LindaNY says:

    Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama

    by Paul Joseph Watson July 14, 2010

    “A former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton says that the only thing which can rescue Barack Obama’s increasingly tenuous grip on power as his approval figures continue to plunge is a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11, another startling reminder that such events only ever serve to benefit those in authority.

    Buried in a Financial Times article about Obama’s “growing credibility crisis” and fears on behalf of Democrats that they could lose not only the White House but also the Senate to Republicans, Robert Shapiro makes it clear that Obama is relying on an October surprise in the form of a terror attack to rescue his presidency.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  50. LindaNY says:

    The October Surprise Is Coming

    Pamela Geller
    American Thinker
    July 14, 2010

    “The October Surprise. We all know it’s coming. In what shape, idea, form — who’s to say? Evil always surprises. Its goals are constant, the ultimate objective never changes, but inevitably it manifests itself as the savior of the day, the savior of man. The 2008 Democrat October Surprise that ushered in the first hardcore radical post-American president in American history was the “economic collapse.” Oh yes, that was a beaut.

    The time before that, the moochers and the looters tried to fake Bush documents — except that the conservative blogosphere caught them red-handed, so they missed their mark.

    But the party of haters, infiltrators, anti-capitalists, the party that is anti-freedom and anti-individual rights, is going to have to pull off something really catastrophic to stay in power this November. And they will,because it is abundantly clear now that they despise the premise of America and they mean to replace it with statism, the source of untold, incomprehensible human misery for centuries.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  51. LindaNY says:

    Are You a “Perfect Citizen”?

    By Tom Burghardt – Anti-Fascist Calling July 14, 2010

    “Rather than addressing an impending social catastrophe, Western governments, which serve the interests of the economic elites, have installed a “Big Brother” police state with a mandate to confront and repress all forms of opposition and social dissent. — Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, Preface, The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century, Montreal: Global Research, 2010, p. xx.

    In a sign that illegal surveillance programs launched by the Bush administration are accelerating under President Obama, The Wall Street Journal revealed last week that a National Security Agency (NSA) program, PERFECT CITIZEN, is under development.

    With a cover story that this is merely a “research” effort meant to “detect cyber assaults on private companies and government agencies running such critical infrastructure as the electricity grid and nuclear-power plants,” it is also clear that the next phase in pervasive government spying is underway.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  52. LindaNY says:

    What Does The Financial Reform Bill Do Other Than Being Completely And Utterly Worthless?

    (The Economic Collapse Blog) July 14, 2010

    “Is it possible to write a 2,300 page piece of legislation that accomplishes next to nothing and is pretty much completely and utterly worthless? The answer is yes. Barack Obama has been trumpeting the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill as the “biggest rewrite of Wall Street rules since the Great Depression”, but the truth is that after the Wall Street lobbyists got done carving it up, the bill that was left was so watered down and so toothless that it essentially accomplishes nothing except creating even more government bureaucracy and even more mind-numbing paperwork. The bill is so riddled with loopholes for the big banks that it is basically the legislative equivalent of Swiss cheese. The Democrats in the Senate were ecstatic when they announced that they had secured the 60 votes needed to pass this legislation, but when they are asked about what the financial reform bill will do, most of them are left stammering for some kind of cohesive response. The sad truth is that most of them probably don’t understand the bill and none of them will probably ever read the entire thing.

    So will the financial reform bill do any good at all?”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  53. LindaNY says:

    Is Military Spending Saving or Enslaving?

    Michael Edwards
    Activist Post
    July 14, 2010

    “The latest announcement that the Pentagon’s military research division, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), has created shape-shifting robots sounds like another Terminator sequel, but this is mainstream news. Sure, this is still theoretical, as these robots are just half a millimeter thick, but it portends a future where, “it will be used to create full-sized cars and aircraft that morph as they move, or robots that can ‘flow’ like mercury into small openings, or multipurpose military uniforms that can adapt to different environments.” There is no discussion in the article about the benefits to mankind, only the military applications.

    Whether or not the categories listed below were conceived of by individuals who had a desire to contribute to Humanity’s progress, the fact remains that between 45%-90% of American taxpayer money now goes to military spending. The U.S. has set the stage, but many other governments certainly have received their marching orders. The relationship between the foreign battlefield and civilian life at home can be traced back to the advent of world wars, as private research and development was often subsumed into the military mission. In our modern era of perpetual war on nebulous terror, it might be worthwhile to ask: Is our support of military spending helping humanity or enslaving us?”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  54. LindaNY says:

    $20 Million Spent On Stimulus Signs?

    (ABC News) July 15, 2010

    “As the midterm election season approaches, new road signs are popping up everywhere – millions of dollars worth of signs touting “The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” and reminding passers-by that the program is “Putting America Back to Work.”

    On the road leading to Dulles Airport outside Washington, DC there’s a 10′ x 11′ road sign touting a runway improvement project funded by the federal stimulus. The project cost nearly $15 million and has created 17 jobs, according to

    However, there’s another number that caught the eye of ABC News: $10,000. That’s how much money the Washington Airports Authority tells ABC News it spent to make and install the sign – a single sign – announcing that the project is “Funded by The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” and is “Putting America Back to Work.” The money for the sign was taken out of the budget for the runway improvement project.

    ABC News has reached out to a number of states about spending on stimulus signs and learned the state of Illinois has spent $650,000 on about 950 signs and Pennsylvania has spent $157,000 on 70 signs. Other states, like Virginia, Vermont, and Arizona do not sanction any signs.

    One state brags it posts signs but manages to keep the process cost-effective. The Tennessee Department of Transportation boasts, “There are a total of 324 signs statewide for a total cost of $12,931 and an average of $37.67 each.” The reason for the small cost, they say, is that their signs are small– about equal to a speed limit sign.

    In response to questions by ABC News, Jill Zuckman of the Department of Transportation said, “The best estimate is that states have spent about $5 million of the $28 billion spent on road projects on signs – or less than .02 percent of overall project spending.”

    Still, some Republicans are crying foul. Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent a letter to Earl Devaney, Chairman of the Recovery Act and Transparency and Accountability Board, requesting an investigation to “determine the scope and impact of the Obama administration’s guidance” regarding signs to stimulus recipients.

    Rep. Issa writes that the passage of the Stimulus Bill, “has provided an opportunity for the Obama administration to claim political credit for the various projects around the country that have been funded by this redistribution of taxpayer dollars.”

    At the center of the controversy are a series of guidelines provided to stimulus recipients. In the letter, Rep. Issa cites what he calls “perhaps the most overly political guidance on stimulus advertising” involving the Department of Housing and Urban Development and a stimulus recipient. According to investigators from the oversight committee, HUD provided the Office of Native American Programs with information on “signage requirements.” The document suggested a sign template informing the public the projects had been, “Funded By: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President.”

    (Excerpt) Read Entire Article here…

  55. LindaNY says:

    Niall Ferguson: Bilderberg’s History, er wait, Economics Guru

    (Make it Eight, eh?) July 14, 2010

    “As reported in a previous article, it is important to be reminded of this fact:

    As Charles Skelton of the Guardian (UK) reported so well, the agenda of Bilderberg is expected to be implemented. All talk of being a harmless group of concerned citizens flies out the window when people of this magnitude and stature step to the plate to tell us the truth:

    ….the former Nato secretary general, Willy Claes (Bilderberg 1994), said on Belgian radio that at Bilderberg each participant is given a report and they are “considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect”. This remark is revealing of the Bilderberg dynamic: the flowing of policy out from Bilderberg and into the world, from power towards political implementation. From the steering committee to the guest members.”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  56. LindaNY says:

    WMD claims were lies says former envoy

    (The Independent) July 13, 2010

    “Britain was taken to war in Iraq on the basis of “lies”, scaremongering and deliberate exaggeration, a former UK diplomat told the Iraq inquiry.

    Carne Ross claimed that Britain and the United States privately did not believe that Iraq’s weapons programmes posed a “substantial threat” before launching the 2003 invasion.

    Mr Ross, the former first secretary at the UK’s mission to the United Nations, told the Chilcot inquiry there was no “significant intelligence” to support claims that Saddam Hussein had amassed an arsenal of deadly weapons.

    He argued that Saddam could have been contained through sanctions – and condemned the failure by the US or UK to close the Iraqi dictator’s bank accounts in Jordan.”

    (Excerpt) Read full article here…

  57. LindaNY says:

    Thursday, July 15th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    Free Groceries – MPB Today

    “It could be possible, you may never have to buy groceries again. At check it out and you will see how to order a $200 voucher from Wal-Mart and they’ll deliver your groceries to you.

    Technology continues to change. WalMart does deliver groceries. When you buy a $200 voucher from WalMart then the voucher will be sent to you. It would be smart to pay the $10 and get your own website too. After you show 2 people how to get their $200 voucher and they get 2 who do the same thing then you get paid $300 in a VISA card and another $200 voucher.”

    Robert Hender ” R J ”

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  58. LindaNY says:

    Thursday, July 15th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    Barry Soetoro – Hitler – Who’s The Better Communist?

    “Things are not as they seem. It took a while, but Americans are beginning to realize the type of man that Obama is. Why would the NAACP attack the Tea Party movement? What do they have to gain? Often people who accuse other people of racism are racists themselves.

    A former senior advisor to Bill Clinton says that the only thing that can rescue Barack Obama’s popularity is another 9/11 style attack on America. In Mason City a few neighbors are upset at how Hitler is being slandered by being compared to Barry Soetoro aka President Obama. Sarah Palin is endorsing a pro-lesbian Republican for Governor in Georgia.”

    Dave Cleveland
    Wed July 14, 2010
    Subject; Obama’s Reputation May Be Saved By another 9/11 style Attack –

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  59. LindaNY says:

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    New Age – 4th Reich Movement

    “We must recall our history in order to understand what is happening now, around us. The Oligarchy names may change, but their objectives are the same; to enslave people and to hide their Secret Activity.

    FDR knew about Pearl Harbor, ahead of time. Adam Weishaupt laid out the Oligarchy plans for World Government back in 1941 and Karl Marx copied the thesis. Professor Karl Ritter and philosopher Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzache both played a role in defining Naziism. Their Oligarch march towards total and complete Control of Earth and it’s People continues.”

    Ralph Epperson

    Wed July 14, 2010

    Subject; New Age – New World Order – It’s all the same thing

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  60. LindaNY says:

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    Barry Soetoro – Nancy Pelosi – PA Billboard

    “Americans were fooled once, by Barry Soetoro and the machinery behind him. Americans are fooled no more by these Double Agents. Obama does not work for Americans and what is best for America.

    Gradual and Silent Encroachments upon our liberties are out of control. Americans won’t take it any more. In Pennsylvania a Restaurant owner posts a sign on Hwy US-30 that speaks up about the injustice being perpetrated against America. Obama is the puppet of an Oligarchy that is stealing from Americans and they are working to destroy America.”

    Balsamico’s Billboards
    Sun July 11, 2010
    Subject; Congress and Pelosi 9% Approval Rating

    (Excerpt) View Billboard and Read more at the link…

  61. LindaNY says:

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 | Posted by RJ

    6 Reasons – Think Before You Speak

    “I have put my foot in my mouth, many times. I appreciate that I am not alone, in doing this. These examples of people who Spoke Before Thinking may get you angry or they may cause you laughter.

    We all laughed at comments by George ” W ” Bush, as the President. Bill Clinton questioned the definition of ” Is, ” during Congressional Hearings about his relationship with the intern Monica. These examples are designed to drive home the point that we ought to do more thinking and less speaking.”


    Tue July 13, 2010

    6 Reasons – Think Before You Speak

    (Excerpt) Read more at the link…

  62. gregnh says:

    ***********************New News Open Thread************

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