RAP Restore America Plan II

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  1. joanie says:

    Per the Russ, and others’ commentary –

    TT backing off from original statements, what I remember as, a done deal, IRS would be gone, etc., was from the April 5th interview that was looped on Freedom yell ( links below)… Then, I believe it is the May 5 interview with Val – “Waking up in America” that Turner has a different story. Here is one quote – at the 14 min mark – “Our plan is going to take 8-10 years” – 15 min mark – “taxes will be reduced to maybe 10% of your income”. Lots more to hear, so maybe listening to both interviews, back to back, you can hear the major difference.

    Waking Up in America with Valeria Kirkgaard with Tim Turner 5.5.2010

    April 5 – Constitutional Americans –
    [audio src="http://www.freedomyell.com/archived-shows/index.php?file=Constitutional_Americans_04-05-2010.mp3" /]

    I hope that helps! joanie.

  2. margaret-pa says:


    You are correct, the fingers typing got away from me, mea colpa

    still wondering in pa

  3. Jacqlyn Smith says:


    Oregon legislator reads CAFR, finds billions, ends budget deficit crisis; California can do same

    June 11, 3:45 PMLA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman

    The below 2-minute video shows an Oregon legislator appropriately outraged to discover the Orwellian lie of omission that his state has available assets valued over ten times the budget deficit.

    This is true in every state; documented in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). When Democratic and Republican “leadership” states public goods and services MUST be cut because of budget deficits, the lies become ones of commission.

    I fully explain this situation in the following from my article, “CAFR: UC budget fully funded with one-fifth of one percent of state of CA “investments”:

    California’s political “leadership” of both parties have lied in omission by failing to discuss California’s investments of $367 billion (page 48) as a possible source of funding for the ~$20 billion budget deficit. Ethical politicians would have presented the facts for professional and independent economic cost-benefit analysis to communicate choices to the tax-paying public.

    “Leadership” claims that this money is necessary to leave alone in order to pay mainly for public employee retirement benefits. Let’s check that story. California’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) shows current member contribution pays for all retiree benefits except for $1.8 billion (also pages 48 and 49). This means that Republican and Democratic “leaders” say they need to extract and hold over $367 billion from the taxpayers in order to pay for a cost of one-half of one percent of OUR money they took from us.

    These “leaders” are lying sacks of spin.

    Our leaders have lied in omission and use obfuscating language for our collective money that then become what author Ellen Brown calls, “Stagnant pools of government money.”

    I also looked at the CAFRs for Los Angeles County ($52 billion in investments; pages 61-63) and the City of Los Angeles ($36 billion; page 80). Both have drastically cut programs. Both have pension plans underfunded by current members by less than 2% of their investment totals.

    California has a budget deficit of ~$20 billion. The combined investments of CAFRs for the state of CA, Los Angeles County, and the City of Los Angeles is over $450 billion; over 22 times the amount of the budget shortfall. If just these three state agencies surrendered their withheld money back to the public instead of lording over it as communists, each Californian would receive ~$15,000. To pay for the $1.8 billion shortfall in the retirement account, each individual could be taxed $50.

    But wait. So far, we’re only considering three CAFRs in the state of California. The comprehensive reality is far more dramatic. If you combine all of California’s ~10,000 government agencies’ CAFRs, the combined total according to Walter Burien’s sampling analysis is $8 trillion. Let’s say Walter’s way-off. For argument’s sake, let’s say the total is less than half; only $3.5 trillion. If that was returned to the public, each Californian would receive $100,000.

    Walter says he’s confident in his documentation that every state has a similar structure that has overtaxed and seized Americans’ hard-earned money. His solution is to have this invested money actually benefit the public by having dividend returns pay for government budgets. If government agencies divested their investments, the market value of the investments would plummet. He explains his solution in the radio interview below.

    Obviously, we need independent auditing of all state CAFRs and independent economic cost-benefit analyses to make our choices clear of how the public benefit is best served. Californians oppressed under a $20 billion dollar budget deficit that cuts essential public services while not considering taxpayers’ trillions “invested” in our names is among the worst choices imaginable.

    To put this into an analogy, I’ve modified the one used by Walter:

    This is like a juvenile claiming he needs money because his front pants pocket is empty, which he dutifully shows (budget). What he’s not telling you is that his back pockets have over 100 times the money he says he “needs” (shown in various places of the CAFRs). Whenever he’s asked about the money in his back pockets, which he never volunteers in discussing his empty front pocket and never invites for consideration to move some into the front pocket, he says, “Oh, that money is designated for other uses. I can’t touch that.” So far, the silence of corporate media and political leadership from Left and Right has brought us to today. Of course, “I can’t touch that” is a lie of omission because it can be touched the moment policy changes. So the real issue is the heart of economics: what are the costs and benefits of different choices?

    The fact that the public isn’t aware that their tax money is available and corporate media doesn’t report it points to corporate media collusion. Corporate media disinformation for cartels like our banking industry is documented in two resources, academic and a call to citizen action:

    Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education

    Government by dicts: my comprehensive resources to prove US fascism and rigged-casino economics

    Thanks to the Jubilee Report for the heads-up about Oregon!

  4. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Below is what my state coordinator said about the above post from the Examiner…..So many Americans are still in LA…LA LAND….I tend to agree with his comments……
    Well, we know for a fact that the Elders of the Restore America Plan talked at length about the CAFR funds and using that money to pay off the massive debt that has been foisted on an ignorant American public.

    It will never be credited to the RAP because the majority of Americans either have never heard of RAP, or said, “Oh, that’s a bunch of shit, it’ll never work.” The only things that make sense to Americans is watching American Idol, or the NBA Playoffs, while their country goes down the toilet.

  5. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Here is another perspective on the news out of Oregon from another one of my fellow RAP supporters in Nevada…….his thoughts are below….
    THERE WAS NEVER A CRISIS, just a big bunch of liars!

    Yes, lying sacks of SPIN
    He did not END deficit… The Money-in is less than the MONEY-out;

    THIS IS DEFICIT SPENDING or budget deficit

    He showed others that ANY DEBT the STATE may have; is false…

    He did not recommend if the DEBT should be paid!
    He showed others that INCREASE of taxes against people could be postponed..
    HE did not recommend that the STATE should spend less!



    How now brown cow? (Plundered-people are the “Cash-cow”)

    My guess is the SPEND THRIFT dirty blood sucking poly Tics will just flush it away down the toilet


  6. Barry says:

    margaret-pa says:
    June 13, 2010 at 3:26 pm
    If the CIC has been informed already that he is no longer the Clown in Chief, why would he be allowed to declare Marshall Law? If he doesn’t have the power of the office they should be able to stop any call for Marshall Law. Does this not make sense, or am I missing something??

    Good point margaret-pa
    I still don’t believe that the faces we see in government are the ones running the show. So you can never know just what is going to happen.

  7. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    WOW……okay…..more corruption being exposed…..this is great…

    The Florida Supreme Court, The Florida Bar, along with Bay County judge Judy Pittman, Calhoun County judges Hentz McClellan and Kevin Grover, Jackson County attorneys Frank Baker, Elizabeth Simpson, Thayer “Peck” Marts, Guy Green, Jerry Little, Matt Fuqua, Frank Bondurant, plus Regions Bank, Larry Gilley and Jack Brown from Jackson County are named as defendants in a multi-million dollar corruption lawsuit filed by former Calhoun County attorney Bill A. Corbin of Panama City. Main charges in the lawsuit are:

    Corbin Tells His Story to the National Media!

    Racketeering – Obstruction of Justice – Abuse of Power
    Denial of Due Process – Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights
    Illegal Confiscation of Property
    Corbin Shares His Concerns About
    Judicial Corruption in Florida
    with Constitutional Attorney and
    Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host
    Mark Levin

    The story of former attorney Bill A. Corbin, unlawfully stripped of his law license in 1998, is one that needs to be heard by all Americans. To see a brief summary of the horrors he and his family have suffered, click “OVERVIEW”… then hear Mr. Corbin’s incredible story in his own words by watching a short four-minute YouTube video that he created. To review the actual complaints before the courts, click “LAWSUITS” on the navigation menu.

    For over ten years he has been continuously fighting for his constitutional right to a day in court to correct the injustices done to him. Judges have systematically and illegally denied Corbin any opportunity to face his accusers in open court. He is determined to clear his name whatever it takes.

    Over 3,300 pages have been filed in Corbin’s case over 10 years, but all judges have refused to give him a day in court! Governor Charlie Crist and Attorney General Bill McCollum are aware of this fact, yet have never investigated it! Concerned citizens should ask: WHY NOT?

    Executive Office of the Governor – Switchboard: (850) 488-7146
    Office of the Attorney General – Switchboard: (850) 414-3300

    [Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time]

  8. Lynn W says:

    I heard the “retraction” about June 13th from Tim Turner on Talkshoe. What he said is”

    “I never said June 13th” …

    …which is not backpedaling, it’s a denial. It is definitely Episode 43, here: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=46256&cmd=tc

  9. Lynn W says:

    Jacqlyn – I’ve never heard about this, thanks for the post.

    Is this the right link?


  10. russ says:

    Smokie asks Gold and R.A.P. question of russ

    Last question first, okay?
    YESSSSSSSSSSS, I recommend buying gold here. I’ve been a gold buyer since last 1990s, and have NOT been sorry…not in the least. So, with that disclosure, allow me to tackle your other question? I am not in any way an investment professional. Don’t claim to be. Don’t want to be. Yuckers!!

    You asked:
    “[ JT] an expert believes gold is soon going to shoot up to around $6000. per ounce!

    With all the gold that is supposed to be coming back to the Republic and our new currency backed by gold, do you believe gold is going up like that?”

    A) I believe gold will rally sharply higher, and do so shortly. However, not to $6K level in the “short term” a.k.a., 3 to 6 months.
    —I’ve been in the “rally camp” for a good long time, having started my personal small accumulations as the Good Lord above blessed, at $270 p/t/o for my first 3 t/oz ever.

    B) I’ve been on prior record stating and acting personally upon my belief statement that the PoG will most likely rally to the minimum $1,680 an ounce point by 3rd week of January 2011, if not before. Personally, I’m looking for this move to happen before Sept 2010 turns into October 2010.

    C) This nearby, $425 +/- spurt higher in PoG is the equivalent of a 35% annual increase in purchasing power by this fall(2010), if not then by 3rd week of January 2011. Any such Annual rate of return in that range instantly commands my attention.

    D) The $6,000 price target is beyond my ability to conceive at this time.

    E) The current price projects –to which I ascribe–are mathematically based upon a series of predictive equations better explained by those “Professor Charley Epps” types than I can possibly aspire to.
    —Suffice it to say, in simplest terms–they run in mathematical multiples of the following square root series, both in time and price terms:
    35 times 35
    36 times 36
    37 times 37 and so forth.

    Currently we are “paused” at the 35 x 35 level ($1225)

    The reason why what I call “predictive math” enters into this this discussion is this:
    those “trading the minute gyrations of the NEGOTIATED PRICE OF GOLD” do so, based upon mathematical algorithms which they can and have programmed into their computers ( nicknamed “black box” trading systems) so gold trading can be automated.

    —Their quantitative buying and selling of Gold “surge and pause” repetitive pattern is CURRENTLY based upon this mathematical multiplier listed above. If it changes, I will alert the thread.
    —Not only is there a quantitative PRICE metric, there is a quantitative TIME metric also programmable. The time metric for $1,681 (41 time 41) brings into focus the 3rd week of Jan 2011. (See WD Gann theories of squaring time and price forecasting for further study resources.)

    Now, let’s turn our attention shall we to your statements re: Gold/Republic/and extrapolating future price via what I perceive to be a logical approach.

    I’ve been mulling this over, and 2 weeks ago, decided within myself the following:

    Point #1
    Gold is trading as a currency PRIMARILY. Gold is not primarily any longer a commodity for adornment or insurance, nor military nor medicinal use.
    —Yes, Gold has always been a currency. Since Biblical Times. I will not debate this point with NL.
    —–Yes, Gold has not always been acknowledged by those currently in power as well as our historical ancestors, as a currency first and foremost.
    ——-Most of this perceptual “denial of currency status” damage to Gold’s monetary role has been the unabashed assault of the Illuminati using FR former chief, Alan Greenspan, as their messenger, and effectively lulled the WESTERN MINDSET into a stupor.

    Point #2
    The way I read the @net M1 Gold Brief.pdf week 7 DjGJ training document, like you, I see Gold –with R.A.P.’s blessings–being restored to lawful money status. Even with a devaluation of the fiat US DOLLAR and the subsequent price adjustments in the retail/wholesale/mfg sectors to reflect gold backing at the time Lawful Money is restored, commerce is STILL going to require a great deal of Gold to back the lawful money. Not just here, but elsewhere on the planet.

    What NL envisions may well be where it is headed eventually, I cannot say. However, I’m rather certain that the “INTERIM” will be, without equivocation, a Gold is Money acceptance, globally.

    Allow me to explain.
    —Before the Maastricht Treaty, 1992 was signed and ushered in the EU/Euro-fiat paper currency, there were 2 nations on the globe who actually had their ENTIRE national money FULLY BACKED by gold. Those two nations were: Germany, and Hong Kong.
    —Swisse and Franc were partially backed by gold, but not fully backed as was DM(deutschmark) and HK(dollar.)
    —To do book squaring import/export “balance of payments business” on the nation to nation level, whether utilizing the USA Treasury Controlled (and abused by Rubin) Economic Stabilization (Slush) fund etc., a.k.a., book squaring business–to conduct book squaring activities with either G or HK, other nations INCLUDING THE US CORPORATION had to transfer actual GOOD DELIVERY BARS (400oz as I posted earlier and provided an image of an actual GDBar) to these 2 countries in particular to settle up and square the books.

    Then the fiat EURO was introduced and the “pressure was off of gold GDBars” delivery to Germany who was now in a “Euro Fiat Paper” settlement system, convertible to US$ Paper in the FOREXchange marketplace.

    In 1997, HK was turned back over to the Chinese govt, BY THE BRITISH. No accident this occurred before the EU/Euro was brought into being late 1999. This is why me and my family started our accumulation in the 1990’s.

    Effectively, the fully gold backed HK$ GDBars are now in Chinese sovereign possession, since HK is no longer a British Colony.

    I’d like it understood that it is my personal belief the German Govt has NOT let go of a single GDBar backing their former DMark.

    This firmly held belief of mine is why anytime Germany says “no” to this or that (Think Greece, and now Spain, Portugal, Italy,+) and threatens to “leave the EU,” the German (Merkel) govt is taken so seriously by the rest of the G-7/G-20, and EU bodies. They still have their original stash of GDBars, regardless of what they told the rest of the world in order to join the EU. They have NOT forgotten the Wiemar Republic Hyperinflation days. If one studies history, all the EU nations’ were hounded by the other EU nations as to what they were going to do with their gold so that they could meet the Maastricht minimum is okay Gold Asset line item on National Balance Sheets, name the country.

    Observe if you will, the Price of Gold chart since the late 1990s, when all this jugglin’ and re-jiggerin’ for Maastricht and Hong Kong turnover was going on. Overall, what primary direction did the price of gold do over the last 20 years?

    Point #3

    Referring to the above 2 global nations’ recent juggling of their gold as a backdrop for viewing the coming return to the lawful money in our beloved U.S.A., as a lawful remedy as proscribed in the Constitution prior to the US bankruptcy–June 5, 1933 announcement to Congress–
    —your’s truly cannot foresee anything but a continued upward price trajectory for the Price of Gold, once it is returned to Lawful Money status. It is my belief, recent monetary global fiat PAPER currency history provides good witness to and underpins my belief.

    Point #4
    We believers in a restored republic–complete with restoration of lawful money–WE ARE NOT the only ones who will be returned to lawful money. Refer back to what I said about global book squaring, please. Whatever the global pre-1933 (when the world became incorporated) currency in effect back at that time, many were gold backed back in the 30s.

    Once again, all nations, however many there are currently (at the time of 1942-ish Bretton Woods signers–it was approx 65 nations who signed that B-W currency accord) all nations will need to “square their books” with each other in the PRIMARY LAWFUL MONEY of each nation. The US will be a major book squaring nation with others, who will only be too happy to receive GDBars from these shores!!!

    Point #5
    Assuming manufacturing of consumer goods, and providing of “services” are still an ongoing “labor based” outcome,
    Assuming the GLOBAL population decimation is NOT allowed to occur as envisioned by the Illuminati, there will be an ever increasing need for more and more GDBars to be created and stored and exchanged so that global book squaring can continue to occur.

    THIS IS WHERE I DIFFER from those who seek to speak to a “crash in the price of gold” if the yoke of evil is broken and Freedom and Lawful Money is restored.

    Point #6
    If you recall, I spoke earlier of the proven NON-Scarcity of Gold. Said technologies exist to harvest Au ECONOMICALLY from both water and air. But these technologies are not currently wide spread practiced nor addressed.

    If you think re-educating “the people” wrt. the corporate fallacy perpetrated upon the people of the planet is a job, just wait!!!! Pulling gold out of the air and sea water, ECONOMICALLY, is another massive re-education process which must be undertaken. Only when critical mass of “enough gold to go around” is achieved, will the price of gold stabilize.

    Yes, it will take the passage of time before gold is manufactured in enough quantities to catch up with and march in lock step with necessity for GDBars to be fairly distributed, on a planet wide basis. And that “bell curve apex point” will be observable.

    Point #7
    Another supportive factor in the pricing of gold going forward is this: Not just the Good Guys will be “needing enough to go around” in order to do business with each other in a universally recognized store of value which Gold Holds.
    ——-But those unrepentant, global re-enslavement aspirees will also be pursuing gold accumulation. They have historically demonstrated their chicanery in pursuing and hoarding and hypothecating gold, all the while seeking leverage upon the free. Darkness is breed and fed by scarcity. Divine Light seeks plentiousness and abundance.

    —-Demand of a perceived scarcity of gold until the re-education of there being “no peak gold” in reality, will be ongoing. Forecasting that $6K is the point where the massive adjustment of the planet to enough gold from “not enough gold to go around”
    —–coupled with GREED/COVETOUSNESS of the human condition,
    ……these 2 factors alone will continue being supportive of the ascension of the price of gold.

    “gold researcher”russ

  11. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    More info here on CAFR’s ……

    Date: Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 2:56 PM
    Subject: California Budget Crisis is a Lie – the Truth about CAFR’s

    The Mysterious CAFRs
    How Stagnant Pools Of Government Money
    Could Help Save The Economy
    By Ellen Brown

    For over a decade accountant Walter Burien has been trying to rouse the public over what he contends is a massive conspiracy and cover-up, involving trillions of dollars squirreled away in funds maintained at every level of government. His numbers may be disputed, but these funds definitely exist as evidenced by the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) required of every government agency. If they don’t represent a concerted government conspiracy, what are they for? And how can they be harnessed more efficiently to help allay the financial crises of state and local governments?

    Continued at…….


  12. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Lynn W says:
    June 13, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Jacqlyn – I’ve never heard about this, thanks for the post.

    Is this the right link?


    Hi Lynn….It looks like a different link but the same story!

  13. They call this THE TRUTH REPORT??

    I wonder if they followed up to make sure there was no setup and if they saw the dash cam videos and forensics etc.

  14. Monty Jensen says:


    Could this be related to Germany still being in possesion of its gold and the recent demise of the euro?


    Also, those thinking of buying precious metals, wouldn’t it be intelligent to buy silver today considering the approximately 70:1 Au/Ag ratio, then swapping your silver for gold when the ratio narrows?


  15. russ says:


    I do NOT embrace the “ratio trade” strategy option. I understand it. I know why it is promoted. But I do not practice it nor recommend it, personally. Nor do I practice it.

    I’m still worn out from the 2 hours I spent composing the response to Smokies. LOL

    “tuckered” russ

  16. Monty Jensen says:

    Thanks. I saw this posted elsewhere late yesterday afternoon. I thought about posting the link here, but after your response to Smokies I believe this turned out to be more fitting.


  17. thistle says:

    Thanks for the posts on CAFRs re: CA. Very interesting as this state gets more than their pound of flesh from us in taxes every year. We are one of the small percentage of tax payers who carry this state’s debt (as opposed to the many millions who live off of tax payer paid social programs) 😦

  18. zanesbil says:


    Adding to your points concerning the murders of the Kanes:

    Walmart had a surveilance tape that was turned over to police. A company near the highway where the police were shot had a surveilance tape that supposedly took pictures of the van as it passed by the company after officers were shot. There should be TWO dash cameras, one on first officers car, second on car of backup officer.
    If you watch the scene taken by the helicopter, it began on TV AFTER the Kane car had been rammed. I think the helicopter got the WHOLE thing BEFORE the car was rammed, but didn’t show it because it would show that the Kanes did not fire on anyone. One of the cops shot at Walmart (probably by the wildfiring of other police) said the Kanes got out of the car and was firing on them. The helicopter film would probably dispute this claim. The official story has not been released to my knowledge.
    What has been reported on TV and newspapers is full of holes.

  19. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    zanesbil says:
    June 13, 2010 at 8:02 pm


    Adding to your points concerning the murders of the Kanes:


    Peter and zanesbil…..there is definitely a need for an investigation here…..they were just in Vegas the day before doing a seminar and everyone I know who attended said neither one had any intent on starting anything…….IMO they were definitely targeted and if they were given orders to do something I’m sure they said NO way are we doing what you tell us! Something just isn’t right with how this all came down…..I would never believe the Lame Stream media ….that’s for sure!

  20. stephanie says:

    re the Kanes,
    it’ll all come out. . . . . . . eventually. They’ll be martyrs. Look what happened with Daniel Ellsberg…..They even made a movie about that “misunderstanding.”
    Speaking of, has anybody heard anything about the whereabouts of Julian Assange? It seems we have reached the point where all the good guys have to go into hiding it.
    God bless Jerry and Joseph for the parts they played here. They played them very well. They’ll be martyrs in the history that gets taught in the schools in the republics.

  21. stephanie says:

    i mean just plain “go into hiding.”

  22. freegrma says:

    Jacqlyn Smith says:
    June 13, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Oregon legislator reads CAFR, finds billions, ends budget deficit crisis; California can do same

    No, this is NOT a sign of RAP kicking in. It’s an old video (May 2009).

    The man speaking, Bruce Hanna, may or may not have been trying to raise awareness of the truth at that time. However, sorry to say, it obviously led to no positive changes. I supposed he was stifled by the CORP.

    In Oregon 2010 the MSM tells us we are facing massive budgets cuts because of the huge deficit.
    So, no, nothing has changed in Oregon (at least not yet). Apparently, it is still CORP business as usual….

  23. Habit4ming says:

    Joanie and others:
    Thanks for the links. I listened to part of Joanie’s April 5th link..In that broadcast, Turner says he fully expects IRS to be done by end of April. It’s the one where he says McCain, Palin, Bush, Bush, Sr., Obama, Regan…etc….have sold out the American people for money.
    I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I’ll just have to take better notes in the future and list sources for future reference…

  24. Habit4ming says:

    I love your little signatures. For instance: tuckered Russ, hopefully helpful Russ.
    Thanks for the smiles…

  25. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Excellent post by Paulajal over at CW’s concerning RAP…unfortunately they are all ignoring it and choosing to follow the misinformed and the LIEYER Lawyers over there…..great write up Paulajal!!! Notice how tennbrock even admits in the previous post to Pauljal’s that he/she is not sure what they are talking about…….quite telling…..the blind leading the blind over there!

    Paulajal // June 13, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Tennbrock, RAP and Nesara are completely different things. I believe you are confused because there is a website that reports on RAP, Nesara, and new age stories, however they are not connected. You can read about RAP and what it is based on on the Restore America Plan site, and you will not see any new age stuff there. RAP is based upon law that anyone can look up (believe me, I have). For instance, the government you are familiar with is a corporation whose jurisdiction is only a few square miles in D.C.. This was formed Civil War era when Lincoln couldn’t get a quorum in congress, and the north didn’t want to be liable to anyone for what happened in the war. The politicians at the time played duel roles (American gov and corp gov), but that stopped when the Fed and DC were sold to foreign interests. The IMF currently owns the Fed. Obviously at that point there was a conflict of interest, so it could no longer be said that the politicians worked for the American people anymore. That is where it stands today. The current courts have stated that the American government has been abandoned (also something that you can look up). The US corporation now has control over you because you have given them consent (small print in things like licenses). D.C. is considered a foreign country to America (look it up; it’s in the US code and Congressional record). Unfortunately, we’ve all been taught a history that left out the most important parts (I know, I’m a history teacher). Most of what you hear about RAP on this blog, is rumor and poppycock. I understand people not “getting it”. You have to do the research to come to know the truth- I know that it was not believable to me until I looked up the law.

  26. Barry says:


    What’s up with Dallas Talk shoe “Just Dave” for tomorrow night. NOTHING SCHEDULED.

  27. ticktock says:

    Ok, I’m gonna thank y’all for your patience ahead-o-time. Here’s the deal. I’m trying to very slowly and carefully help my husband see that the freedom he’s dreamed of can be real. He’s been “educated” in economics…yes indoctrinated. I’m trying to explain to him that mortgages are paid off three days after the papers are signed. But other than that I’m useless and he’s scratching his head. He DOES seem to be willing to diologue now…miracles do happen heh? So, can someone pls post an extremely simplistic explanation(link)to how and why this is. He is an extremely responsible person and getting something for nothing is not something he’s even entertained before. I’m trying to tell him it’s already paid for…sigh. help pls. And thanks again for you guys’ patience…I know my questions are a broken record.

  28. Cajun Granny says:

    Barry says:
    .what’s up with Dallas Talk shoe “Just Dave” for tomorrow night. NOTHING SCHEDULED.
    I see a schedule for June 14th at 9 PM ET……I used the link you gave me. Must have just been a glitch…………

  29. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Time to take these people out before they do any more harm to the earth and the economies of the world…..

    Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis100614: In desperation, the BIS and Vatican bank order assassinations but Mossad, the CIA and the Yakuza refuse to go along
    The increasingly desperate gangsters known as the Bilderberg group, in a last minute effort to maintain their rule, last week ordered assassination teams to kill prominent truth seekers, including this reporter, according to CIA sources. In a related move Italian authorities have been trying to sell the $134.5 billion worth of bonds they seized even as they continue to prosecute an Italian gentleman with fraud for possessing these bonds. At stake is the survival of the Vatican Bank and perhaps even the BIS.


  30. Barry says:

    Just been so busy I hadn’t gotten around to scheduling it. Done now!!! Call goes on as usual!!


    Good news. Dave says call goes on as usual.

  31. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Gulf Ecological Disaster Escalates–U S Government in Disarray
    Category: News and Politics

    Awakening Americans: Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know…the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up

    Hot EXPLOSIVE Back Breaking News
    Gulf Ecological Disaster Escalates
    U.S. Government in Disarray
    by Tom Heneghan
    International Intelligence…….


  32. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    ticktock…..I know it may be a lot to ask your husband to do but the best education he will get is by watching Tim Turners 8 part video’s…….you can access them at the below link…..


  33. ticktock says:

    Thank you JS, I think you’re right, afraid he’s gonna have to take the time to do this to really get the full picture.

  34. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Nice post again Paulajal over at CW’s……I noticed you got shot down again though…..the people there are so entrenched in how NOT to be free that they don’t have a clue…….I’m sure you are already aware of that though!🙂

    Paulajal // June 13, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    Cabby, I’m not gullible, merely educated on this subject. I said that RAP’s version of history is correct, and that is a fact (a verifiable fact). Whether or not they will be successful, is another question. But I can also tell you that the number of people who are learning the truth is growing exponentially. And I find it impossible to believe that the American people will tolerate being virtual slaves to a corporation once enough of them know about it; so I think something will give. There are many patriots on this blog. I’m sure that many know that something is not right. Oh, they may not know that they signed away their children on their wedding license application (true), but they know that something is very wrong. Our country is no longer what we thought it was.
    Whether or not RAP succeeds I know that we are like frogs in a pot of water being brought to a boil. I don’t know who will be our leaders if things boil over, but I can tell you that the RAP people are at least strong Constitutionalists. Even more strongly, they intend to protect the Bill of Rights (the BoRs is really what Obama and the rest of the oligarchy mean to destroy chunk by chunk).

  35. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    ticktock says:
    June 13, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Thank you JS, I think you’re right, afraid he’s gonna have to take the time to do this to really get the full picture.

    Exactly…..that is what I am fighting with my husband as well……Good luck…..I hope he will take the time! 🙂

  36. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Has anyone here heard about this???? This is quite discerning if this is true…….everyone is very distracted with the oil spill!!!

    Russian Troops make threats to Americans Japanese 6 Warships visit California

  37. stephanie says:

    I think this round table questions and answers and discussion w/TT is invaluable in giving people an understanding of what has been going on. (I hope this link is live.)
    Keep us posted on how it goes.

  38. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
    Samuel Adams

  39. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Great quote from Twain for those of us trying to change the current corrupt government that has this country in a real mess……

    “In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man – brave – hated – scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” – Mark Twain

  40. ticktock says:

    Thanks Stephanie!

  41. margaret-pa says:


    Thank you for your insight into the purchase of gold. I have been buying silver because of the ppo but find that we do have enough to make a nice purchse of gold. Making a profit would be nice, but I am looking more for a hedge against the deval of the FRN’s.

    appreciative in pa

  42. gregnh says:

    freegrma says:
    June 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm (Edit)

    No, this is NOT a sign of RAP kicking in. It’s an old video (May 2009).

    The man speaking, Bruce Hanna, may or may not have been trying to raise awareness of the truth at that time. However, sorry to say, it obviously led to no positive changes. I supposed he was stifled by the CORP.

    In Oregon 2010 the MSM tells us we are facing massive budgets cuts because of the huge deficit.
    So, no, nothing has changed in Oregon (at least not yet). Apparently, it is still CORP business as usual….

    The video may be old but the story is a must read. The story was written on Thursday. If you live in CA, for instance, their own balance sheet shows a NET Asset balance of approx $344Billion for Fiscal 2009.

  43. Paulajal says:

    Thanks for the support JS. I don’t know why I even try over there (actually I just can’t stand to see the disinfo). I will never understand why CW threw all of us under the bus and allowed a mentally disturbed person to take over the blog.

  44. freetobe says:

    Birds Flocking North by the Thousands

  45. L J says:

    freetobe says:
    June 14, 2010 at 9:06 am

    If these are grackles, as the man in the video has stated, this is not uncommon behavior for them. Go down on the page to conservation. They do have large flocks and they have become a nuisance bird. If you also look at the map, they are a widespread bird, no migration as they winter in a large portion of the states. I believe the guy should have at least identified the birds. JMHO.


  46. thistle says:

    Jacqlyn said:
    Has anyone here heard about this???? This is quite discerning if this is true…….everyone is very distracted with the oil spill!!!

    Russian Troops make threats to Americans Japanese 6 Warships visit California

    This is really troubling to me. My husband checked out the story and though he couldn’t find it in the SFGate, he found a similar story in AP. Last year there were foreign troops in training in the San Francisco area. Why all this attention with Russia and other foreign military training in our country all of a sudden? 😦

  47. dyoung says:

    Here’s the link to the San Francisco Chronicle Online about the Russian Ship.


  48. gregnh says:

    Ok folks, the master researcher went into action. Here is the Russian warship story in SF gate Russian warship to visit San Francisco

  49. gregnh says:

    Ha, good work dyoung.

  50. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Paulajal says:
    June 14, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Thanks for the support JS. I don’t know why I even try over there (actually I just can’t stand to see the disinfo). I will never understand why CW threw all of us under the bus and allowed a mentally disturbed person to take over the blog.

    I know what you mean Paulajal…….people here were reporting the dissension over there so I went to check it out and as always my name happened to come up in a comment from William(which was in support of me) and I left him a comment…..NO one else……then all at once I get all this bashing……..of course my replies were either deleted or put in moderation….as far as I am concerned CW can go to you know where…….it just really pisses me off when free speech is stifled! I really liked what you said though……those folks over there don’t have a clue about RAP because none of them can back up their statements with facts and they are too lazy to research and become truly informed……they like spreading false information……that’s my guess!

  51. thistle says:

    Thanks dyoung and Greg! 🙂

  52. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Thanks Greg and dyoung…….I read the article……and saw their purpose……what do you think this all means??? The video is disturbing if true……Russians burning the American flag and saying Americans will burn…….do you think the media would not be telling the truth?? Remember the FRAUD spent time in Russia early on and it was reported early on that the Russians knew he was to be POTUS long before anyone even knew him!

  53. gregnh says:

    *****************New Open RAP Thread III****************

  54. Rebel4Liberty says:

    Well I just wanted to share with everyone, that my efforts to reach the young is finally getting through……

    “Why is everyone bashing the RAP?? They are trying to do a good thing and go back to common law. If the RAP works we will have all of or freedom back. We could smoke weed where ever want and not have to worry about being arrested. Why would you want to bash something that is trying to get weed legalized?!?!? RAP IS REAL! They might not achieve what they want to, but they are trying. Someone who says RAP is not real is just like saying the the state of Ohio doesn’t exsist just becasue that person never heard of Ohio before. Just because you never heard of the RAP doesn’t mean it doesn’t exsist, because it does. All of you blades on here should be hoping that the RAP works. If it doesn’t happen then oh well but in the mean time we should be hoping it does so we can be free again and weed will be LEGAL because marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional. If you don’t want the RAP to work then you don’t like the constitution because right now we aren’t following the constitution and the RAP wants to restore the constitution! Tell me how following the constitution is a bad thing!! If we can have more like him we will be in good shape”

  55. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    I brought this over from the other thread where Reese made a comment to me about the Grand Juries……thought I would share it here as well…..

    Reese says:
    June 14, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Jacqlyn Smith says:
    June 13, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Reese…..I will post this here and at the RAP thread…..but you can go to the RAP II thread where Greg set it up special to discuss RAP……below is a great link which addresses the Grand Jury and our rights…….this site has a tremendous amount of info even though it is not a designated RAP site……BTW…..I can’t stand what has happened to CW’s blog either but it is apparent to me that only LIARS are welcome there or people who want to spread disinformation about RAP….the blog owner is allowing it to happen so it is out of our hands if you know what I mean……CW is putting my truthful comments in moderation and allowing the lies to continue…..go figure……he has now become an arm of the Lame Stream Media and a propaganda machine……I only go there to try and dis-spell the LIES put out by the RAP bashers and haters!

    Here is that link…….


    At the top of the page are several selections…..if you click on law you can learn a wealth of things there……it is a wonderful site and I suggest everyone check it out…..it will take lots of your time if you truly want to learn everything about being out of the grips of the US Corporation!!!

  56. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    Jacqlyn Smith says:
    June 14, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Reese says……..
    Now Jacqlyn, I have a question for you. What is “……. & the Citizen Grand Jury movements.”?? All I know about the Citizen Grand Jury is how to go about setting one up as repeatedly advertised by haffey on CW’s forum.

    What are they doing now? When are they going to hand down a judgement? Are they taking over the Government? obama is still in the White House signing “executive presidential orders” putting more controls on our lives. When are they going to stop him? Why is it taking sooooo long for the Juries to rule?


    Not a peep out of them.

    But haffey can personally attack RAP and you. A “productive effort”?

    No need to answer the questions, I get it.

    It’s amazing how CW’s site has changed. I stay away, nothing in there that interests me.

    Enough on that subject.

    Have a great productive week Jacqlyn!

    (Thank you again Greg! The hit counter is climbing!! 100K is not far away, this week maybe?)


    Let me try and answer your questions one at a time…..if I don’t know the answer or where to tell you to find it I will let you know……

    #1)What is “……. & the Citizen Grand Jury movements.”??
    The Federal Grand Jury is the 4th Branch
    of Government….it is our right and duty to form these grand juries. Read the public information about the juries at the link I gave you above and the regular one endorsed by RAP..here’s the link click at the bottom where it says “training resource documents”….this is now open to public reading…..

    #2) What are they doing now?
    I can only tell you what the Nevada Chapter of RAP is doing the jury meetings are private and not up for discussion…..they are held in secrecy so if I served on the jury I could not release the info as I would have taken an oath! What I suspect they do is investigate and examine corruption in the government and legal system…..if there is enough evidence and proof for reasonable cause then the jury moves forward with presentments and affidavits I believe……some other folks may know more and can chime in here!

    #3) When are they going to hand down a judgement?
    That I can’t answer……each jury is its own body and I would have NO way of knowing which republics are doing and investigating what……I do know that the goal of RAP is to have a seated Grand Jury in every county in every Republic! This will take some time…..that is why we need lots of people involved in your government……look what happened when we just let the career politicians take over…….NOW the corruption is rampant!!!

    #4) Are they taking over the Government?
    As I stated before…..the juries are the lawful 4th branch of the government……they are not taking over anything……only a check and balance to keep the government clean and to rid all the other branches of the corruption! Unfortunately the American citizenry became apathetic and complacent over the years and let go of this very needed branch of true and free government…of the people, by the people and for the people!!!

    #5) Obama is still in the White House signing “executive presidential orders” putting more controls on our lives. When are they going to stop him?
    Again…..I can’t really answer this one……word is he has been told by the military he is NO longer the Commander and Chief…….he is not going to go quietly so as long as the propaganda media will continue the charade I am sure he will keep it up too!!! Just know that it is up to the people to enforce the Constitution and rid this government of the THUGS…..the military is suppose to operate in the interest of the people….this has not been happening for many years……they have been taking their orders from the evil US Coporation and that must stop……hopefully this is what is happening now…..Tim Turner and the other Elders have all said the military is behind this because they were tired of taking their orders from EVIL ONES….this is meant to be executed quietly……minimize the civil unrest…..as they explain it…..if they don’t do it exactly how the military says it needs to be done we could be thrown into another Civil War or even worse a World War III!

    #6) Why is it taking sooooo long for the Juries to rule?
    It is going to take months and even years to sort this all out…..we can not expect change overnight……the plan didn’t even start until the beginning of April and many obstacles have developed since that time to slow the PLAN…….I don’t know that the juries are ruling on anything……my guess is that orders were issued to the military and now it is in their hands…..the juries will continue with any cases of corruption presented to them and it will be handled on a case by case basis is what I believe is happening!

    I hope I have answered most of your questions…….others here may know more if they are involved with RAP….hopefully they will offer their experiences as well. Thanks for your support Reese…..we need the masses to get involved in their government and see the truth…..IF NOT…..our freedom and liberty will be a thing of the past!!!

    Great quote from Samuel Adams…..

    “The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule.”
    Samuel Adams

  57. joanie says:

    From the grand jury link above, at Clive’s site libertyforlife.com it goes to a great County Grand Jury video.



    Good stuff!

  58. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    joanie says:
    June 14, 2010 at 11:59 am

    From the grand jury link above, at Clive’s site libertyforlife.com it goes to a great County Grand Jury video.

    Joanie….as I said….this site offers a wealth of information for the beginner and is explained in easy terms……thanks for endorsing it! 🙂

  59. DsTexasGirl says:

    Hey guys!!
    Just returned from Tx Panhandle & hubby’s 40th class reunion…missed y’all!! Wow….what being gone 4 days does! Missed soooo much info & talk! lol Felt I was out of the loop the whole time we were gone! Glad to be back home “fer shore” (Texan translate: for sure)

    cjzak says:
    June 13, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Isn’t it Martial Law? Just wondering if there are 2 differing explanations for this term. Thanks.
    Lol Thanks cjzak….I was having a hard time not correcting use of “martial” vs “marshall” myself! (Didn’t want to appear “uppity”, but my English minor/professional proofreader persona was taking over!)🙂

  60. Barry says:

    Mr. Imposter,

    Today, I was deeply saddened by the discovery of the demise of someone whom
    I regarded as a very dear friend.

    Simultaneously, I discovered that the very dear friend, whom I had missed
    dearly for almost a year – had never existed.

    That in fact, I had come to befriend an apparition, a ghost, a specter, an
    illusion – a FRAUD!

    Whomever you are, who is impersonating the friend that I thought that I knew
    – Go Away!

    I Wish Never to Hear From or Meet You Again – EVER!

    dwayne riedi,,,,,,,,,

    I am most grateful to Our yahweh Father, for Revealing the True Nature and
    Contentedness of This Beast Imposter of my Friend Regan Dwayne Reedy,,,,

    By: david clarence: Expressly Reserving All Liberties. A Man and A Living
    Spirit. Not a person, human-being, corporation or other type of abomination!
    a Private Dweller! Who is Not For Public Use!

    Boy oh boy what’s up with that?

  61. Floridafree says:

    Are we being told the untruth by RAP? We have been hearing the Corporation is broke that no one is buying our debt that Gitner has been begging China to buy our bonds/securities and RAP has been telling us that he and Obama have been turned down. Now this morning the guy on FOX business was on fox news (Erick) I believe his name is and he said that China just last month floated us more monies????

    Who is telling the truth? Is the Corporation broke if so why is Lame Stream Media reporting that China once again bailed them out?

  62. YOU WANTED A SIGN from the Heavens?

    How about this sign? Is this a good start?

  63. TO:
    Floridafree says:
    June 16, 2010 at 10:04 am
    Are we being told the untruth by RAP? We have been hearing the Corporation is broke that no one is buying our debt that Gitner has been begging China to buy our bonds/securities and RAP has been telling us that he and Obama have been turned down. Now this morning the guy on FOX business was on fox news (Erick) I believe his name is and he said that China just last month floated us more monies????

    Who is telling the truth? Is the Corporation broke if so why is Lame Stream Media reporting that China once again bailed them out?

    ***WARNING **** be as cautious about the EVIL CORP as you are of RAP misinformation can come from anyone. Did China confirm this or is it a unilateral Release from the EVIL CORP to it’s organ the Propaganda Press.

    Also see my post above.

  64. gregnh says:

    FF and Peter, we are on RAP III now, here. https://gwgjlg.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/rap-restore-america-iii/comment-page-1/#comment-6644

    Also on the NH video, yes that bill was introduced, but it also was defeated, last year! See here https://gwgjlg.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/new-hampshire-fires-first-shot-of-civil-war/

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