Obama Admits He is Ineligible to be POTUS

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There is a large portion of the American public that is aware that there may be an eligibility question concerning BHO to hold the office of POTUS. There is much conjecture, much hypothetical, much theroy. But BHO by his own comments and writings has declared himself ineligible.

In Article II Section I of our constitution we are given the the 3 qualifications to become POTUS. BHO presumably meets two of those but he clearly does not meet the “natural born citizen” clause. A natural born citizen is any person born in US territory by parents of US citizenship. Note that parents is plural. End of discussion. BHO had dual citizenship at best upon his entry to this world. Making him a “citizen” at best, not a “natural born citizen”.

Now while I might believe that he is actually an illegal alien, that is not the point. And in arguing all these other peripherii issues only draws attention away from the real point. Can’t we just nail him with his own words?

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